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It’s been said that there is a red lipstick for every woman, and that’s probably true. But what good is red lipstick if you don’t feel good wearing it? I personally have a hard time with red, so I always try to find ways to raise the comfort level with red.

First off, don’t feel obliged to match the color red of your dress or jacket with the red of your lipstick. It’s more modern not to match!

Next, don’t feel constrained to wear red found in a lipstick tube create your own customized lipstick by combining a red you like with a favorite neutral or brown lipstick.

A red lip stain is another easy way to wear red.

The lowest-voltage way to wear red? Put Vaseline on your lips, then fill in all over, using a red lip pencil.

Question: My lips are quite full. What can I do to make them look smaller? Answer: I think full lips are incredibly beautiful. It would be my choice to put the focus on your lips, rather than trying to make your lips look smaller. Experiment with textures that you like put a sheer gloss over a favorite lipstick. When accentuating lips, don’t do a heavy eye and vice versa.

A second option is to minimize lips by wearing a neutral lip color and doing a stronger eye.

Question: My lips are always really dry. Should I be wearing lipstick, or does that further dry my lips?

Answer: When lips are dry, use lip balm that does not contain camphor, a common ingredient that is meant to be drying and healing to open sores in the mouth area. Coat lips with noncamphor balm as a base for creamy formula lipstick. Carry balm with you and reapply it as necessary. Gloss also feels great and keeps your lips soft. Avoid long-lasting lipsticks; they are drying. Eye cream is an excellent lip moisturizer at bedtime.

Question: I have really small lips. What can I do to make them look fuller? Answer: My advice is not to try to make them look fuller. Look for medium-toned lip colors that can look pretty on a smaller mouth. You may also try lining your mouth with a lip pencil in the exact shade of your lip. Use it to the full extent of the natural mouth not beyond the place the lip stops

and the face begins. You can also focus on your eyes instead and leave the mouth’ more neutral.

Question: My top lip is thinner than my bottom lip. What can I do to even them out?

Answer: You are not alone some 90 percent of women have a thinner top lip. The best thing to do is to pencil the outside edge of your top lid only for better definition. Then apply lip color as usual. Don’t try to create a thicker lip using pencil it’ll look phony.

Question: My lipstick never stays on. What can I do?

Answer: Lipstick isn’t meant to stay on all day it wouldn’t be natural. But if you are looking for long wear, matte lipsticks are a good choice. Matte actually looks quite pretty as it fades away; it leaves a pretty stain on the mouth.

Another long-wear technique is to use a lip pencil in the same shade as your lipstick (or a shade lighter) applied over your lipstick to help keep color in place. However, avoid dark lip pencil with lightweight lipstick since, in the course of your day, you will be left with just the circle of liner, which never looks good.

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