The Diva Cup

My cup run-eth over and we gotta get home, soon. We’re living in dangerous times, you guys. -dank music- Hello friends and welcome to another post. This week I’m coming back at ya with another period post. That’s right, the period posts are back! We missed last month because I tried something for a couple of days and it didn’t really work out for me And then there was this added part where it wasn’t really FDA approved In fact it was it was like FDA like NOT approved and then I was like, Maybe we should just SCRAP IT This month- week, this week we’re going to be taking on THE DIVA CUP. I’ve heard a lot about the Diva Cup. I, in fact have made other people try it for a post before, but I’ve never gotten to try this or any other menstrual cup myself. So we’re going to dive right in. So a diva cup is basically like a silicone cup that you fold up, shove up, and then it will catch the blood, it will the catch the fall. And then once it’s filled up, you take it out, dump it out, rinse it out and you can use it again. You can leave it up in there 12 hours, It’s like more eco-friendly As a tampon girl I’m pretty excited about the idea of a different kind of period product that’s also internal. I really liked certain aspects of the period panty that I tried a couple months ago but the worst part by far was the squish. Like the feeling of the drop and so anything that can catch the blood before that happens, I’m interested to try.

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Once again, it is day 1 of my period and you guys might know that my period is 7 days long. So tonight’s test will be sleeping in it and seeing if they were any leaks, and then tomorrow is Day 2, of course So that will be an exciting day. Day 2 is always Abundant. I’m excited to see if the Diva Cup and I can become friends.. this week. So I’m gonna take my Diva Cup out of its box and we’re gonna get more involved in a different type of box. I’m sorry I didn’t wanna say my box but.. So I have my little Diva Cup here. Um, it’s pretty squishy. It’s not too big, it looked bigger in the box for some reason. It’s got the ‘Diva Cup’ engraved right here And then it has like a little sort of measuring lines to see how many ounces of blood you produced. So from the box, it’s says that there are 2 different types of ways to fold this The first one is like: this. I don’t know if you guys can that, where it’s like you fold the front and you kinda close. and then the second one is like you fully taco it.

The full taco seems like the one that makes the most sense to me, so.. frickin hold it like that. The instructions say to wash this and your hands, so we’re gonna do that and then we’re gonna head right into it. Wish me luck. I’m (pause) gonna put you right here. Alright, so that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I can definitely tell where it is kind of. But it doesn’t feel too uncomfortable But I’m kinda like movin’ around, gyrating, tryna let it settle in. I actually feel pretty secure, so – well, I actually have no idea. I dont know I just said that I am setting the towel down cause I am a little bit nervous, so I’m just playing it safe. Goodnight and good luck (pause) to me Okay well it looks like it’s all clear on my end The morning of day two I was pretty groggy, so what I was saying in the posts was pretty incoherent It does feel not super dry, it definitely feel a bit like moisture down there What I meant was that there weren’t any leaks on the towel overnight But when I woke up I did feel like not completely dry.. downstairs I’m also having the weirdest sensation of little bubbles. I don’t really know how else to say that. But just like, little bubbles.

And then when I stood up and started walking around, I actually felt a couple of air bubbles kind of escape from the cup Yea, I’m gonna hop in the shower. Wake myself up. you could probably do it if you were like, super sneaky but I would be like saf sounds of uncomfort.

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