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This is Safiya’s new intro song Hello friends, and welcome to another post. Today I will be buying the first five things That I see in Snapchat ads So I’ve done this before with Facebook, Instagram, and ads. Basically just to see how targeted or personalised ads are on different platforms based on what they know about me and my interests. Like those other companies, Snapchat does have some analytics about me personally. I’ve had a snapchat since probably 2018 or 2018 so I’ve had mine for a while. I would Say my snapchat Is set up most like my Facebook where I use it more personally rather than like on my Instagram where I literally follow brands. So I’m just curious to see what they think I like. They also say that they share information with other companies. Apparently Around your Email Address so we’ll see what happens with that. Nowadays I see Ads in A few Different Places you Definitely See Sponsored Lenses and Geofilters I’m Trash and then they Also have more Traditional Ads Between Personal Stories and Discover Stories so we’re Just going to read Everything you Can and Try and find an ad okay Let’s do it okay So let’s open Snapchat right Now I want to see if We Have any Sponsors lenses I’d like that’s the Ad I see Most often Because I go Through the lenses all the Time alright let’s see, oh I look like, I’m a little Purple Koala with a lip, piercing I’m Elvis I am an Elephant Usually I’ll See a Sponsored Lens like right at the Beginning of the List of lenses but I guess Today There isn’t one okay so I’m going to take A snap and then Look Through the Filters Just to See if There aren’t any Sponsored Geofilters Nearby. Looks Like los angeles los Angeles Full Battery I Never see that one. Yeah, I don’t see any like Sponsored Geofilters for Businesses I just don’t think We’re Like Close Enough any alright so let’s Take a look at some of These Stories I Usually See Ads After my friend’s Snapchat Stories. So let’s start reading a few.

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I’m going to click on my friend Chelsea’s story Looks Like Chelsea’s in Nantucket Looks Like They’re Eating lobster Playing some beer Games Oh here We go oh, it’s an Ad for snapchat for Custom Geofilters I guess We’ll Make a snapchat Geofilter That’s our first Ad it Says Geofilters Are Perfect for any Occasion When filters Start at $5.99 Why not, alright snapchat Why not? What Should the Occasion be Tyler and I were Talking about this the other day We don’t know when Crusty’s birthday is. We Say it’s Halloween because that’s when we first like, met him. But it could be today. Alright we’ve got Some Some Templates here.

Oh I like this Champagne yeah Crusty, Could be 21 No he’s not he’s Turning 16 it looks like When I click this I just Just get to like Customize the Text like I don’t actually get to Customize Like The Filter at all Let Me See if I go back and I try and Start from Scratch If they Let me like put in a picture of Krusty so it looks like on this Page you just have like sort of the Capabilities That You have With like A normal snapchat Which is like Adding Emojis Stickers Bitmoji Stickers Like Writing Type of Stuff Honestly I was Hoping for more design Potential like I see with A normal Geofilters But I guess This will do none of These Cats Really Looked Like Krusty but This One Looks like Krusty to attitude why Did Happy bday Krusty a bitmoji a sticker and a cat emoji I’m going to Say yes to this this Is my Custom Geofilter I have to mark off Where I want the geofilter to go? Apparently There’s a minimum Size I have to Make it big enough that it will cost at least $5.99.

So that Is one item Down Krusty’s Birthday Geofilter Krusty Birthday is Going to be a raucous event So I hope They’re Ready okay so let’s get back to the storys it Looks like Christine Is making Tea Uploading A post oh look, it’s Ben reading a post, hmm Tap Crotch, oh here’s Another Ad it’s for Adidas it Says Hashtag here to create it Looks Like a little Mini post About a football Team They’re doing like Acrobatic stuff all right so let’s swipe Up and See ooh Cool Gold Cleets are They doing some Back Flips, what are They Advertising Though so when I swipe up is just this post There’s no like Specific Product They Don’t send me to adidas is a website They Just like Made Me read the post I think this is fair game for me to Just Buy Anything that I want from adidas so let’s Just Take a look at The women’s Tab and See like what’s going on in general Adidas Stuff Is Pretty Expensive but I’m Kind of Nervous About the amount of Ads that We might get tonight so we’re Going to get Something We Could get to Superstar Sneakers They’re Kind? of like the Classic Looking Ones so I say let’s get a pair of Those Because that Seems like Something I would Legitimately wear A lot so this is item Number Two so actually As we’re Making this post People are like Updating Their Stories so I’m Just going to Keep Clicking with the most recent One Let’s see, what Gabby’s doing Looks like Gabby is gyrating Hello Kind sir Is that Shawn Mendes?, ooh okay Here We go the next ad Is a victoria’s secret Ad?

Called the New sexy When I swipe up they, send me like straight to the victoria’s secret Website The first thing They Say is the new sexy so what if I just Click on it I mean if I go Push-Up, oh? Alright yep Scrolls all the way Down to the Pushup for me, oh these are cool Down here These ones Down, here Are Kind of like bralettes so you could, wear them like Underneath the Sheer Top snapchat Can you See me I think the Ad was Specifically for The Body By Victoria Bras so Let’s Grab? One of These in A push-up style we’ll see ya? It’s give Me some nice liftin’ if it does some nice Good Pushing Up of things okay so that was Three Ads from Stories Let’s Check out Discover and See what Discover has for us I don’t read a lot of Discover Content but I know There are Ads Within The Discover Stories Themselves Here’s One From Daily Mail Apparently Rob Kardashian Is out of Hiding A baby elephant got Saved by jackals Wait no from jackals, oh, ok? So here’s an Ad and it’s Actually for snapchat Spectacle Which I already Own they must know that I Definitely posted to my snapchat story before using Spectacles Maybe They’re Like Maybe you’ll Buy Another One I don’t think I need a second pair I think I need to you my own Pair more Hello Krusty and Tyler okay so let’s Keep Looking Through These Discover Stories to find something that I don’t Already Own how about Cosmo Celebs wow Hobbies Living so this Is Just an Article About everything Apparently Oh here’s an Ad okay? So I’m an Ad for starbucks Refreshers The one.

They Thought in The, Ad Is called black Cherry limeade let’s swipe up And see what they soap Oh the Swiping up Option is Actually Just my setting I thought I would be able to swipe up to Buy it But it’s actually Just Anything get This Part Okay, cool, so that is ad Number four Let’s See If We can’t find one More Add in These Discover Stories okay so this is a story for the Outside Lands Music festival So in This They’ve curated a, bunch of snaps From the festival Into a single Story ah Classic Porta-Potties Whoo, okay so there was Actually an Ad in This Outside Land story um it’s for John Frieda Haircare hey Everybody we’re Really excited to share a story with you and your hair tops to Make a statement Campaign Thank you It Looks Like They’re Recording some type of Single and Somehow it has to do with John Frieda it Keeps Going Away so I Keep atoms like Click Back Into It and Actually the post App for that in The Story Is this girl who’s Brushing her Hair With A flat hair Brush John Frieda Music Flask it’s all Coming Together This, Ad Is Definitely Just like an Awareness Campaign They Literally Say Like Wait Till our thing Comes out and Then Check it out So they’re not Selling me Anything Specific so I’m just going to go and See like what Seems to Match my hair Type and we’re Going to try it out.

So That is item Number Five and that means We have all of our Five items from snapchat so we Have the Custom geofilter the Adidas Shoes the Victoria’s Secret? Bra the Starbucks Refresher and The John Frieda Ambiguous Product I think I’m Most excited About the Adidas Shoes and The victoria’s secret Bra and of Course I am excited to Celebrate Krusty’s 16th Birthday What Better Way to celebrate them with A custom geofilter Alright so it’s Time for the snapchat haul I’ve got all my stuff Here and the Krusty Geofilter Is Ready to be Deployed So let’s get Into it so the first Thing are These Adidas Shoes Now I’m not Sure Exactly what Inspired Snapchat to Gives Me This Ad it was like Just like dyes doing tricks Football Shop which I’m not against but I wouldn’t say is like in my Wheelhouse It was also a pretty Big AD and it Didn’t have a link to a specific product Which meant I got to choose So I got These Classic Superstar Shoes I thought this is a style that A lot of People have Been Wearing Recently and I’ve Had my eye on These For a while I feel like I’m going to look too Sporty and Ready for Action There We go it’s always an Interesting Experiment When I get like? Commonly worn cute Shoes Since my feet are Quite Long I feel like Sometimes I look like I wearing Slippers but With These I think it Works out Okay, There’s like a little bit of arch support Which is Exactly what my flat feet in General I feel like I wouldn’t usually Follow that Adidas Ad Especially since it Didn’t like Link out Anywhere but you know for the Purposes of This Experiment I was excited to get These Shoes and I really do like Them I think They’re super cute so this next Product is the John Frieda Haircare I’m not Sure How curated the John Frieda Ad was to me but it did Seem Curated to the Outside Lands live Story Because of The People in The Ad who Seemed to be Musicians I don’t think There’s a dixie Chicks but I don’t know who they are so I picked up a john Frieda Shampoo and Conditioners I guess Joan Freed is a Company that does This Brilliant net stuff Which Is kind of fun So I wash my hair With These Earlier Today all right Time to shower so it Says it infuses rich Dark Tones You Can Deepen The Spectrum of your natural brunette color I’m not sure What Difference We’re Going to be able to see in One wash But John Frieda the Raita Thought About you all right Let’s Crack open our?

Really in Brunette Visibly Deeper Colors Deepening Shampoo it is pretty nice is Lathering Up pretty, well the other Guys? Yeah Feel Pretty Good Though Here’s the Conditioner I’ll Just dry out all right Grab the end Good Night I mean it Feel like Commissioner I just want to know of my Brunette Hair Color Is Just Incredibly enhanced after This Shampooing Experience I don’t think that I’m able to See any Type of results in This One Wash But I did like how it Smelled and How it Feels my Scalp can Be Kind of Finicky so I don’t think I’m going to just start using only This I’m down to Add it Into the Rotation Here and There we’ll See if Any Dandruff ensues so up next Is my Body By Victoria sexy Push-Up, Bra, I feel like This Ad was Decently Targeted Towards me Like They know my Demographic so victoria’s secret’s Probably like Anyone want a bra you get This? Ad I will Say that it Feels Really Nice and Soft I’ve Just Been Kind of petting it as I’ve Been Talking I hope that It’S as Comfortable When I put it off I tried to pick like the most revealing Shirt to show the Pushup I’m Selecting my blue Mussels but of Course I still don’t have Any Cleavage.

So it Barely Matters I’m not sure if it’s the most Flattering Bra on me I got A 32d but Maybe I Should go for A 34 a just have like a little bit of a bigger Band Size But besides that I really like the material of the Bra I don’t know what it is I don’t think it’s Cotton But it’s Nice and Soft and I want to Pet it so the next Thing Is this Black Cherry Limeade Starbucks Refresher I don’t know if This was super targeted Towards me I do have a starbucks account so maybe they like know that but Also a ton of People drink Starbucks alright Let’s Take a sip Not Bad I have Had Refreshers before and I think the other Flavors are Better This One has got A weird aftertaste tal you want to try it Yeah I feel like A Jerk Or I do want to try this thing I like the refreshers a lot Isn’t There an Opportunity to what Is that it tastes like they Mixed Together to Capri suns at the same Time They’re not Quite Working I really Actually, do like the other Refreshers Flavors that I’ve Tried I just, don’t like This one I like This one Yeah They’re Keeping it Though Huh Okay so the last Thing is the Custom Crusty Birthday geofilter it got Approved and I Purchase it like an In-App Purchase Late Last night so let’s See how. Look in real life I’m Gonna Take a selfie, oh? my Fingers Look Really Long so Let’s Take a look at the geofilters and See our Krusty Birthday geofilter los Angeles Living my best life and I’ll get that, oh There it Is Happy bday Krusty, oh WoW and Magnificent Happy Birthday Krusty How Old are you today.

So requesting Birthday, We Made him a little kitty Cake It’s Mostly like Tuna Egg white Cheddar Cheese and A little Shrimp Garnish on the Top Krusty likes Cheese I hope rusty likes This Because I don’t are you lurking Crush you are you lucky that we chose Today to be your Birthday? We got A few Hours of fun out of the Custom geofilter and I think Krusty Enjoyed his Birthday? Krusty Is Running away from the hot dog Guy, Happy Birthday Percy Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Krusty Happy Birthday to you! You like the shrimp so I guess Henceforth August 13th Shall Be Known as Krusty’s Birthday happy sweet 16 Aka Sweet 80th sweet ages Krusty I don’t think that this was super personalized to me, like I think that they Probably Advertised Geofilters to Anyone who Maybe Even Just like Roll Through Geofilters A lot so I think that it was a pretty general Ad but it was Still Pretty fun I’m not sure When I will do it again but it did bring me Enough Enjoyment that I will Consider doing it again Okay so that was my snapchat Haul my overall Impression of snapchat Adds that they are all pretty Different from each other and They Kind of Come in Different formats some are interactive some you can Like push Up to see more or be linked to a Website some loop Some Play Right Through and I kind of wish There Was a little more Uniformity I feel like the type of Companies That Advertise on snapchat Are the most similar to the type of Companies That Advertise on in General it’s Companies Or brands that I’ve Already Heard Of and They’re Just Sort of doing like Awareness Campaign about Their Brand in General or Maybe A new Product that They’re Coming out with I don’t think that any of the Ads were super Personalized to Me and not even Just like my personality even To my Demographic but I will Say that this has Been One of my favorite halls in Terms of the items that I got I think that my Favorite Thing was Probably the pair of Adidas Shoes but I did Actually Really? Enjoy the Krusty Birthday Geofilter you know Just Love that Cat want to just Shower him With love that he doesn’t Understand and We’ll Never Know About You’re welcome Krusty. and if you want to see more posts like this, make sure to smash that comment button. Thank you guys so much for reading, if you liked that post, make sure to smash that like button and if you’ve already smashed that comment button make sure to also smash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on Post Notifications so you get a notification every time that I post.

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