THE FIRST (BUT NOT THE LAST) KISS by Nicole Newman Growing up, I had a somewhat tumultuous love life. Okay, love might be too strong a word to describe the fl eeting relationships I had during high school but, still, to a teenager it feels a lot like love. Every boy (or man) who happened to give me a second glance was my next boyfriend (in my vivid imagination) and I couldn’t wait to have a man to call my own.

One evening I walked into my best friend’s house and, without thinking, high- fi ved a young man I had never met before. I was 18, a fi rst-year varsity student, and just wanted to have fun, but something about this new person caught my eye perhaps it was his skinny jeans and high-top Converse or his colour-blocked Nike windbreaker (which was oh-so cool). Whatever it was, he had my attention.

Usually, in situations like this, I would go all out and try and Ëhook up’ with a guy I liked, but that night I didn’t There was a bit of fl irting and a lot of laughing but nothing more. The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Two days later, we saw each other again and there it was, that connection. We both felt it but didn’t mention it. We ended up talking (again) and as he was about to go, he took my chin in his hands and gave me what I will always remember as the best fi rst kiss ever. All in all, I hope never to experience another fi rst kiss and I hope this special someone will be the person I kiss for the rest of my life.

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