The Greatest Gift Of All

Macaulay Culkin has a lot to answer for…

Mali – who has learning and communication difficulties -couldn't understand what Santa was saying, so with mum's permission, he used sign language. The three-year-old's face beamed as she signed back that she wanted a scooter. Proof, if ever it were needed, that Father Christmas really is magic.

Are big boobs a blessing or a curse?

Last week, a model caused a stir when she posted pictures of her digitally enhanced breasts on dating app Tinder.

The model, named only as ‹“Carla, ' boosted her chest from an A to DD-cup and received a third more matches with the bustier snap – 602 positive swipes with the A-cup picture and 809 with the DD one.

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The DD-cup snap encouraged comments that focused on Carla's looks while the A-cup image attracted more polite conversation. In light of this social experiment, done by MYA Cosmetic Surgery, we ask two celebs if having big boobs is a blessing or a curse.

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