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Celebrate your womanly body by wearing clothes that show it off; bias-cut dresses, fitted waistlines and pencil skirts will suit you much better than trying to cover up under a loose kaftan. Wrap dresses are particularly good for the curvy figure.

When finishing off your outfit, don't overdo it with accessories and end up looking ostentatious. If in doubt, leave it off. Learn to pare down your look so you know what suits you; learn what to add, and what to leave at home.

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It is interesting that Christianity, Yogacara, and Hegel were completely fascinated by the number three.

Whatever they talk about revolves around some kind of three aspects. We are going to discuss the three aspects of reality. According to standard Buddhist thinking, there are only two levels of truth” absolute and relative truth”but Yogacara tends to order the world in threes.

The Notional-ConceptualThe first aspect of reality is known as parikalpita, the notional-conceptual. ? This refers to the level of reality we talked about in the previous chapter: the three levels of consciousness and how their interactions construct our perception of the world in terms of subject and object. The perception of the world that we have is not really the world as it exists; it is merely our own conceptual construction.

This aspect is known as the notional-conceptual. In terms of ordering the world, it has the least reality of the three levels we arc going to look at. The notional-conceptual is particularly related with subject and object duality.

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