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â¢You wear bright makeup colorful lipstick, bright blusher and feel that you need a strong jolt of color.
â¢You would try more muted tones, but you are afraid of looking too plain and un-made-up.
It might be hard for your eye to adjust to a quieter palette of makeup, but ultimately you will see foryourself that more natural tones do look more sophisticated and modern. Natural makeup doesn’t mean a drab or nomakeup look: Natural simply means using the correct tones for your skin.
The hardest thing is deciding where to start. It’s always a good idea to examine your foundation. Is it too white or too pink? With a warmer, more yellow-toned foundation, skin looks more natural and even bright colors look their best. The next step would be to choose one element of makeup to tone down. If you wear a bright green eye shadow, for example, try a more muted shade like moss green.

If you wear fuchsia lipstick, try mixing it with a brown-based pink.
If, on the other hand, bold makeup colors work for you and have become your defined element of beauty style, stick with them. If you love wearing bright, bright lipstick and it makes you feel really great, then that’s your statement. Just be extra careful that your foundation and powder match your face perfectly, that they are not pink-toned, and that you use only as much as you really need.
There are some combinations that are extremely pretty: A woman with jetblack hair, for example, can look gorgeous wearing fuchsia lipstick. A woman with gray hair can look beautiful wearing bright orange on her lips.

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