The music of wedding

After dinner we had hired Greek dancers to get everyone in the mood to dance. They danced first and then started getting people up – and by the end every single person was on their feet dancing and having an absolute blast, and everyone stayed on the dance floor for the rest of the night. Our First Dance was the John Legend song – All Of Me. Our second

song was I Want To Spend My Life With You from a Scottish band called the Proclaimers – I don’t think the Greek staff were quite prepared for 34 Scottish people singing at the top of their voices!

At the end of the night we had a firework display After the fireworks we did our traditional Scottish Auld Lang Syne to end the evening.

Photographic memories

We had a photographer included in our wedding package, he and his colleague captured so many magical moments and made everyone feel at ease. We also had a DVD included in the package.

Magic moments

My best memory was definitely the horse and carriage ride. I laughed so hard it hurt and it was one of the rare times that day that Andy and I got to spend on our own. My funniest memory was when Andy and his Best Man decided to get the

photographer to take a picture of them pulling their kilts up. Scottish tradition says that to be a real Scotsman you cannot wear anything under your kilt. Anyway lets just say I wish there was another photographer there to take a picture of the photographers face! Everyone was laughing and it’s safe to say that picture did not make its way into my album.

On budget

The whole wedding cost us around £15,000 and then probably another £3000 for the party back home. We planned on spending around this much so it was on budget. And it was definitely a lot cheaper than a wedding in the UK!

The honeymoon

Our guests that came to Zante for the wedding stayed for one week and then they travelled home and left us to have the second week as our honeymoon. Even my little boy went home which was hard at first but it gave us time to relax.

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