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Nom. Mmm skin! Hey guys it’s Mi-Anne and this is Beauty With Mi. I love Sephora, but I’ve never really associated it with a place that you go to get pampered. I go there to sread new makeup, find new makeup. Definitely not to get a facial. But all of that is changing because this month the brand is launching its first ever spa facial. And I got to try it first. The treatment in question is called the Perk Hydrating Facial and it’s designed to exfoliate and hydrate the skin in 30 minutes. But what I think makes it the most unique, is that it’s essentially the best gift with purchase ever. You can sign up online or you can just walk in and the facial is included with any $75 skincare purchase. Which means that whatever you end up using with your skincare consultant, you can actually buy. So seeing as I’ve tried my fair share of facials, everything from the bubble facial, ice facial, grandma facial, bird poop facial, I thought it would be pretty fitting to give this one a try too. So I zipped over to the Sephora at Herald’s Square, which just so happens to be the largest Sephora in North America.

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And I got to try it out. So once I got to Sephora, I sat down with my skincare consultant Veridiana, who was the sweetest person and she asked me all about my skin. So Mi-Anne, tell me a little bit about your skincare routine. So I have kinda combination, relatively acne prone skin. I try to stay away from things with too much fragrance. And we decided on a host of different products for me to try. So she started off with the first step, which is cleansing, of course, like any good facial. She used the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser on my skin just to remove any excess oil, debris, that sort of thing. There’s something about being cleansed by someone else that makes it just so much better. And then she moved on to the machine. So the first step with the Perk machine is the exfoliating serum. As the suction is pulling out the impurities, the rollerball is releasing that serum. So we’re removing and then inserting into your skin. It’s full of lactic acid, it comes through this little rollerball pen that’s hooked up to a machine, that exfoliates the skin and sucks away things like dead skin cells and oil into the machine. So she did that all over my face and followed up with the Hydrating Serum. So it’s the same deal.

It is a rollerball little pen that has the Hydrating Serum and it’s full of antioxidants. Starting off on the eye area to plump and hydrate, infuse the skin with all that yummy goodness. Then after doing the eye area she moved on to the rest of the face. Am I going to get to see all my skin after? You are. I like gross stuff like that. We are all done. Now I did kind of sneak a little touch of my face. Don’t touch your face. Oh no! Your hands are dirty. I was like I want to feel the smoothness! So then she moved on to the rest of my skincare. She started off with some eye cream. So she used the Olehenriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream. So this is actually amazing under concealer and it’ll help to brighten up under your eye area. It felt really light weight, absorbed really quickly. And then she moved on to moisturizer, and used one of my favorite moisturizers right now which is the Herbivore Botanicals Pink Cloud Créme. Not only does it look beautiful, but it feels so luxurious on the skin.

It smells like rose. Cause it’s full of Rosewater. It’s very calming, non-irritating, highly recommend. Then right after the moisturizer she used the Dr. Jart+ Tiger Grass Camo drops. Now I’ve used the Dr. Jart+ Tiger Grass Cicapair jar, which is quite a thick greenish cream that’s supposed to help tone down redness. This is the much lighter serum version of that product, and it’s so nice. It’s so lightweight, it absorbs really nicely. Evens out redness but doesn’t look very heavy on the skin. Then as the final step of my routine she used the Farmacy Honey Butter Beeswax Lip Balm. Now I love Farmacy. I adore that brand. So I was really excited to see they came out with a new lip balm. Now the facial comes with a final step which is a little bit of foundation. Using the machine requires zero recovery time.

You can put makeup on right after it. It doesn’t make your skin red, doesn’t make your skin feel irritated. And we’re going to get a little fancy and use the La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation with SPF 20. I’ve been wanting to try this foundation and I know it’s really expensive. Yeah. How much does this cost? $110. Ooh. Augh. Use every last drop. It was so nice, it was so dreamy, it was so lightweight. It felt so much like skin. I have that on now. And that was it. Now you get to leave here fresh face and bushy-tailed. The final thing and very last thing we did was kind of optional. If you can stomach it.

Is see the jar of liquidy gunk at the end that’s just full of your dead skin and oil. I really want to see what we took out of the skin. Okay, so here we go. Woo! It looks really nasty. It was really gross. I actually wasn’t expecting it to be that nasty. But it was. We poured it down the sink and then I got to look through the products and decide which ones I wanted to purchase. So I chose the things, she rung me out right there, and then I headed on my way. Thank you so much. You’re welcome! All in all I think it was a really cool and unique experience. I think that going into it, I was like, “Oh, a facial at Sephora?,” but it was a nice little 30 minute break in the day. You do get really individual attention. My skin felt great after. If you’re reading this show you probably already shop at Sephora and you probably know it’s not that hard to get to $75 and you get this free facial. This treatment isn’t available at every single Sephora.

It’s available at 100 locations across the country. And if you want to find out more about it, you can go online and try to book an appointment and you can check using your zip code. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Please let me know if you guys try it out in the comments. I want to know what you guys think. I will see you guys next week. Bye. Thanks so much for reading guys. Let me know what you want to see next on Beauty With Mi in the comments down below and click on comment button to comment to Refinery 29, and click on comment button to read another post. Bye!.

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