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The Swon Brothers demonstrate their stadium-rocking potential on their self-titled debut album

When The Swon Brothers shot to fame in 2013’s American series of The Voice’, it was clear that the duo had more about them than your typical famous for 15-minutes TV pop act. The brothers finished third on the show under the wise guidance of mentor Blake Shelton and went on to release their newalbum, which should guarantee their presence on the biggest stages for the foreseeable future.

For those looking to dip into this album,a good start would be with hit single Later On; a three-and-a-half minute party track that’s going to be receiving airplay for years to come. Lyrically, it’s similar to your typical country-rock track, with ample mention of young romance, drinking, and so on. It’s cliched, there’s no denying that, but it’s nothing less than triumphant and without a doubt one of the catchiest songs released in the past year.

Another high pointfrom the album is This Side of Heaven, a ballad recorded with Carrie Underwood, who the brothers were raised down the road from and shared a stage with on numerous occasions as children. This track is bound to strike a chord with dyed in the wool country-pop fans, and shows a different side to what the double act can do. Underwood’s heartbreaking, powerful and melodic vocal assistance, as you might expect, takes the song to another level.

The rest of the album supports the anthemic tunes to great effect, and Chasing You Around, 95, Colder, and Songs ThatSaidltAII could all be easy picks as the focal point for a lesser album. This surely isn’t the last that we’ve heard from The Swon Brothers, who could go on to greatness if they back this up with a sophomore effort of comparable quality. Ian Horne

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