The wedding ceremony

The ceremony took place at 6pm on a small, lush island near Lagunas in Zante, called Cameo Island, which is very rustic

and overgrown. We paid for the private hire of the island so nobody else would be on it. There is an old wooden bridge, around 400 yards long, which crosses the sea to the island. You then need to climb old stone stairs to the top and back down again at the other side to take you to the beach where the ceremony takes place.

As I walked down the aisle with my dad, my brother played the guitar and sang Christina Perri – A thousand Years. An arch full of flowers had been set up just in front of the beach. The noise of the sea in the background during the ceremony was beautiful.

The ceremony itself was conducted by the mayor of Tsilivi in Greek, and then translated by our wedding coordinator into English. It was a very short ceremony probably no more than 10-minutes in total. After the service we had a Champagne toast for our guests, with music playing in the background. We mingled with everyone for a while then we went to the top of the island for photographs. The whole thing was like a huge fairy-tale.

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