The wedding reception

The reception was held in a beachfront tavern back in the town of Tsilivi, which we had hired out privately for sole use of our wedding party The guests were driven back here on the bus while Andy and I

were driven in our wedding car. Once we got close to the venue we transferred into a horse and carriage for one of the most fun parts of the day. We followed the Greek tradition of driving through the town in our horse and cart with our wedding car in front beeping its horn. The town’s people all came out of their houses and restaurants to wave to us. It was amazing to see so many people line the streets and it felt like we were actually famous. When we arrived the guests were gathered outside waiting on us.

As we drove round the corner the old song She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain was playing loud and everyone clapped and cheered! Then we joined our guests on the pier and everyone was given a pink release balloon, after a short countdown everyone released their balloons and we watched as they soared above us into the sky. After this we moved inside for the meal, which was a BBQ buffet – with every type of meat available, plus Greek salads and pasta. The room had been decorated for us and was stunning – each table had candles and gems scattered, watering cans full of flowers, seat covers with matching ribbons and little woven hearts hanging on the walls. I couldn’t possibly have done it any nicer myself!

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