Thermal Stocking Cap Review Carol Davis Fleece Skull Cap Cold Weather Tuque Hats

Thermal Stocking Cap Review Carol Davis Fleece Skull Cap Cold Weather Tuque Hats Hi, I’m Carl Centeno.

The founder of “Real Men, Real Style” and today I’m going to be talking about Carol Davis’ Skull Cap and this is a thermal in the winter during active sports and other times when you are going to perspire and you need to retain heat. All right so if you have it already make sure you’ll comment our You Tube my blog. Click on the comment button, these posts will come right to you. In addition like this post if you like it, if not write me a comment.

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Let me know how we can improve and if you want to learn more about this product, go ahead and click on the link right below. Take you right to it and you can make your own purchasing decision right there and see if this is the right part for you. So why am I bringing you this to your there’s a lot of hats out there and one thing that I love about what Carol Davis sells here is this is made with the same fabric that she uses on her body socks. I’ve owned one of these skull caps for I don’t know maybe five years. Not this one actually, this one is a brand new one but I can tell you that the one I’ve owned if I could steal it away from my son, it’s in great condition. This suit I actually had for ten years and this is all made from the power stretch polar tech fabric. And this fabric is amazing because it wicks away moisture from the body. It has excellent loathe so it insulates well.

It’s bacteria resistant and it’s got a four way stretch. And these things are key because it didn’t had – I mean this is not a cap that I’m going to wear with a suit. This is actually an active hat. This is the one you’re going to be wearing for out you know enjoying sports because you don’t want to be wearing a cotton cap. That’s completely useless. It’s not going to wick away moisture and it’s in fact it’s going to have sweat rolling up and I know about some of you guys. But when I go out and I’m running and it’s cold outside, I need to stay dry and that’s what this cap does. It wicks away the moisture from your head because you do sweat on your head whenever you are out there being active and it wants to keep you dry and so that in itself helps keep you warm. In addition, its got great loathe and so it traps in air not just underneath it but actually within the fabric and so even though this is really – it’s a 300 level which is about the thick as Malden Mills makes. But compared to a lot of those big thick wool hats you know this is really thin. Which in my opinion is a huge strength because it will keep you warm. Maybe not as big as you know what thick, you know one of those once its got skins on it or something that super you know an inch thick.

But you can wear this under a helmet so if you’re out snowmobiling or better yet you can wear this in layer. So you can wear this cap underneath one of those bigger ones. And if you start to get a bit hot, you can take off the bigger one but your head is still going to be protected. So you know but for a lot of you guys, you have to wear helmets. And you’re out there let’s say skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, all of a sudden this is a great piece of gear. Or if you’re going to be in situations in which sometimes you’re going to be out running other times you’re going to be just out sitting. You know if you’re out hunting, you’re going – sometimes hike miles to get to a great shooting spot. And you know you’re going to be sitting there for hours and in that case you would want to have something like this because it’s going to wick away the moisture. And whenever you get there and when you’re sitting, you can pull out another cap, throw it on top and you’re going to stay warm. Because – I don’t know what’s the exact stat or some people say 90%, I hear 80%. I believe it’s a little bit less but you lose a lot of heat from your head and you need to take care of that part of your body. In summer Carol Davis’ skull cap is a great buy.

It comes in six different sizes. She makes it really easy for you. All you have to do is measure your head and go and look at how many inches and choose the right size. Although I can tell you can probably get a size smaller or a size larger because of the great stitching properties and this is going to feel fine. And again if you want to learn more about this, go ahead and click on the link right below. Take you right to Carol Davis’ site. Give her a shot the steps made in the USA by Americans, great product. Take care. Ba bye.

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