THIS Really Scares Me 3 Tips To Keep Your Family Home Safe

3 Tips To Keep Your Family & Home Safe What scares you? Me? I’ll tell you. Feeling helpless and let me illustrate. So, about a year ago, I’m at a conference out in L.A. and I got a call from my wife at 90 PM which is 110 PM here in the Central US. And it’s kind of odd because I just called a couple of hours before talked to all of my kids, put everyone pretty much to bed and I was just surprised, so I answered it. My wife is hysterical on the other line. She’s saying that there is some strange man knocking at the door. She doesn’t know who this guy is and she went down there and she just simply said, hey, I don’t know who you are, please leave an identification. He was saying he was a police officer. But, she’s like, what – what is he talking about, she didn’t understand.

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English is not her first language. She’s there alone with my four kids and you can bet, I was staying on the phone with her for the next two hours as we try to figure out what was going on. It turns out, he was a police officer, he had left a card down there. Someone had called 911. But I can tell you after that incident I rethought basically the way I’ve got the security and the plans I’ve got there for my house. Really quick, I want to give you my three steps that I kind of walk through to be able to deal and to be able to work through situations whenever I am confronted with something that scares the heck out of me. So, the first thing I do is I always think through the stuff and I’m like, okay, I’ve got to have a plan. We’ve got plans for first aid actually for first aid response in our house. I was a Boy Scout, I was in the Marine Corps, just for me it’s something that you’ve got to be – I talk with my kids about this, how to deal with the most common first aid issues from burns to cuts. We’ve talked about security. Now, we’ve gone over what do you when someone you don’t know knocks on the door, what do you do you if there is a fire. Next up, you want to have the right tools in place.

So, getting back to first aid kits, not only do we have some of the training and I always think we can do better. But, we’ve got three first aid kits strategically placed in the house so that my kids, so that my wife, so that anyone who’s there can quickly find them. Now, when it comes to security, we have now motion detector lights, we’ve also got, you know, good locks on the doors, but I have installed security cameras, guys and I want to share this with you really cool. All right, guys, so as you can see we’re looking at my screen now. Let’s go ahead and jump into the Flirsecure app and let’s pull up my Lorex security cameras. Now, guys, Lorex is the paid sponsor of today’s post and I love their cameras, guys. I looked at quite a few different cameras out there. I needed something that could deal with extreme temperatures. It gets cold here on Wisconsin. Lorex down to -30 degrees Celsius up to 60 degrees Celsius which is like 140 degrees Farenheit. Another thing I love about them is they were easy to install. This is my house, I’m on the other side of town and what’s cool is anywhere in the world using this app, I can see what’s going on in my house And so, yeah, there is my front porch, this one is also installed on my front porch, but it views between my house and my neighbor.

Now, what’s going on here? So, that’s what I talked about, that police officer, I would be able to see him right here if I had had the stuff installed. And going over, now, we’ve got over the back entrance of my house and I can see no one is back there. Over here, my neighbor’s garage, but I can also see this side of my house and now, looking on the other way towards the front. So, I’ve got all these coverage on my house and I’m able to see what’s going on, I can go in and I can see events that have happened. It’s been three days since I installed this and I can go in and I can see, okay, this happened at this time. This is my porch at night and there are no lights here. What we’re using here is the nocturnal security vision that they’ve got. It’s this long range color night vision that’s good up to about 175 feet with a color night vision and 250 feet with their infrared night vision. Guys, this is one of the coolest features of the whole Lorex system is the fact that these cameras can see in the dark. Now, a couple of things is the housing of these cameras is tough. We’re talking the metal housing. These things, so if someone comes and tampers with them, they’re going to have a tough job actually just vandalizing these cameras.

Another thing is the power. So, guys, you don’t need an outlet, the power comes from the Ethernet cable that connects to each of these. Now, they’ve also got when it comes to the recording, the whole NVR storage which is basically the network post recorder. So, I’ve got a hard drive down in my basement which is recording all of these, so I can go back I can see stuff that’s been recorded for days. I’m having a lot of fun with these, guys. I highly recommend you check out this company. Guys, those Lorex cameras are amazing. I’m linking to them down in the description. Go check out those reviews. I actually bought other cameras and I choose to use these because they’re just that good. And when it comes to the security of my family knowing what’s going on, guys, I think spending a little bit more and getting something that is just great quality is worth it. Now, the third step is actually going through and knowing how to use and executing and practicing those plans.

So, with, you know, first aid, we talk about what to do if someone is bleeding and the bleeding is not stopping. What to do when someone actually has burned themselves and they show me and they walk me through. Not that, you know, in the situation I know, panic will set in to an extent, but it is something that hopefully they breathe and they say, you know what? Okay, I remember dad said this, this, and this, I will follow and they’ll at least get started. The plan is nothing, but planning is everything. Hopefully you enjoy this. It’s is a little bit different than my normal style stuff, but I felt it’s an important message and something that, you know, I, again, I’ve been looking for cameras for a long time. So, I’m linking to Lorex down in the description. Go check them out. Awesome company, guys. Let me know also down in the comments your biggest fear. Come on, I shared with you guys mine, I know it’s pretty general being helpless and there are many other things I’m kind of always thinking through the, you know, different scenarios and things could happen. But, I would love to hear from you guys down in the comments what is your biggest fear.

Let me know, come on. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post. Bye.

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