This The Number One Villain in Heart Disease?

Exists, and that our mortality is highest because of the high consumption of fat in our diet.

While Dr. Keyss study stressed primarily the high level of fat consumption, we must not make the mistake of concentrating our attention on one factor only, disregarding all the other factors.

Problem Not Insoluble Heart Disease

From all the facts disclosed in this encyclopedia, it should be clear that the problem is not insurmountable, but that only when all the deleterious influences are recognised and removed can it be brought under control.

We are happy to see Dr. Paul Dudley White, who is Dean of American heart specialists, points out that many of the factors about which we can do something have received much too little study. He mentions diet, tobacco, alcohol, exercise, stress and strain, and local customs among them. These factors must receive attention not when we are already advanced in years and when the foundation for the disease has already been laid, although they will be of help even then, but must become an integral part of our existence throughout life.

We cannot do better than quote Dr. Alexis Carrel, who many years ago stated that any true prolongation of life will require not only protection against disease but improvement of the quality of tissues and blood,3 and Dr. Edmund V. Cowdry of the Washington School of Medicine, who said that what we need is not only medical help for aging persons but also new measures which will help us prevent a sizable number of ills and handicaps that otherwise will beset increasing millions of people.4

While we are interested in handling the diseases of the heart and blood vessels most efficiently, our major problem is to prevent their development and this can easily be done through a reorganisation of our daily habits of living.

We can do no better at this point than quote Dr. Shirley W. Wynne, who, as early as 1930, stated: The cause of arteriosclerosis is not at all clear. Some authorities claim that it results from the infectious diseases, especially syphilis. Others blame tobacco. Others put it down to a diet containing too much protein and salt. As it is frequently associated with chronic diseases of the heart and the kidneys, the well-regulated life which tends to prevent these diseases may likewise prevent this ailment.5

Conclusion : Fifty Years Ahead of Our Time

Dr. Irvine H. Page6 warned against discouraging people by stressing too many donts such as do not smoke and do not drink, or eliminate this thing or that thing from the diet since we dont want to make invalids, but to help these people to live lives that are longer and happier and more useful.

On the other hand, noted authorities everywhere are becoming ever more aware that nutrition, exercise, smoking, and alcohol play a part in the onset of these diseases and must be controlled if effective results are to be attained. White7 reaffirmed this point when at a clinical meeting of the American Medical Association he declared that diet and exercise might be important factors in the disease and that tobacco, alcohol, and climate also play a part, although to a lesser degree.

Dr. Page would be right if the donts he mentioned were based on mere speculation, and not on scientific reasoning. It seems to us that the elimination of health-destroying habits and the substitution of a sensible way pf living actually prevent people from becoming invalids and provide their only assurance they may have for long, happy, and useful lives.

There is no question that all healing professions will ultimately recognise the soundness of the physiological approach in the treatment of these diseases, and that all doctors will resort to the measures conforming to this approach. The statements of such a man as White show in which direction we are travelling. We are merely fifty years ahead of our time, and we wish to say, in all humility, that those who seek the most of health and the best of life are most certain to succeed by traveling our path.

We have traveled, then, the path of wisdom that has brought us to where we might see the causes and principles of correction of mans great afflictions: digestive disease, respiratory ailments, diabetes, arthritis, and now in this section, heart ailments. There remains but to spell out in detail the program of nutrition and plan for life that will permit good health to belong to you and your family.

In Section Six, Nutrition as a Guide to the Planning of Meals, you will find the recipes and diet suggestions that will make the road to nutrition a joyous and bountiful one for you and your loved ones to follow.


Mans successful struggle for life and the progressive evolution of the species depend upon a vigilant awareness of those factors which insure the health of his body and the fertility of the soil from which he obtains food. The destiny of men and nations, apart from economic, political, moral, and educational organisation, is shaped by the transforming magic of good.

The proof of a mans wisdom is demonstrated by the practical application of his knowledge for the benefit of others, in time of greatest need. Here, in these freighted pages, Max Warmbrand brings you the fruits of a rich experience for your delightfully easy assimilation. He offers you not merely words to live by, but the precious knowledge of the cheapest genuine foods to intensify and recreate the life within you.

Here is an everlasting monument to the charitable spirit of a man who sees more clearly than others that the natural birthright of invulnerable good health need not remain a lost secret to intelligent humanity.

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