Tie Knots Special Occasions Should A Man Wear A Specific Necktie Knot Style For Certain Events

Tie Knots & Special Occasions Should A Man Wear A Specific Necktie Knot Style For Certain Events Hi, I’m Carl Centeno the founder of “Real Men, Real Style”. Today I’m going to be talking about which tie knot for which occasion. All right, if you have it already please comment our You Tube my blog. By doing so these posts will come right your inbox in addition if you enjoy this post, would you click on the like down below that helps me know if these posts are useful. And finally if you want to learn more about what I’m talking about here, go to the article I linked to down below because at that article you’ll find a lot more useful information. This is the question that came in. Hello Carl, I discovered your website “Real Men, Real Style” and I think it’s great. Thanks. I have a question about ties. Basically what is the best tie know to use for any occasion I go to? Example being is the Windsor knot for formal events. Is the four-hand? is that for casual events? I hope you’ll be able to find time to answer this question. Many thanks.

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To get right to the questions, there are actually isn’t a right tie knot for a certain occasion. The only – actually I take that. The only one I think of is for black tie. And when something says black tie that means that you should be wearing a bow tie, one that you actually tie. So don’t buy those clip-ons. Well besides black tie events which we very rarely ever go to anytime you need to be wearing a tie you can wear any type of knot that you want, as so long as it doesn’t detract and pull away and make you look you know a bit eccentric. That’s one thing you know you need to become from with this. So right now I’ve got a four hand and it’s not the straightest knot. I know there’s a knot going to retie it multiple times. This is a knot that I love. It’s the first knot I ever learned to tie. Had a job where I was stacking groceries at Albertson’s and this is back in 1990 I believe and you had to wear a tie and a white dress shirt and this was the summer I learned really how to tie a tie because every single day on the way to work I was tying that thing.

Taking it off at lunch break. I’ve got a connection to this tie. I love it. It’s – so this knot in particular is the one that I use for a 98% of the time. Now the 2% of the time I’m throwing in something because there’s a lot of other knots out there and perhaps you will find one that you like because maybe it looks good with your head shape, with your neck color type. Maybe you want to go with the half Windsor. You want to may go with the full Windsor, a Pratt, Shelby, a Cabin dish, the simple knot, honestly there are almost a hundred that I know. Almost a hundred knots types out there and not going to get into them all. Probably – actually a book has been written about this I’ll actually maybe I’ll do a review on this book and link to it later but the answer your question again, you’ll hear and you’ll actually see me write about this. There are knot types that you can try to match with certain types of shirt colors. So right here I’ve got a medium spread color. Technically I could be wearing a half Windsor or a Windsor because those are going to fill up the top space a bit better but I still like the way the four hand looks.

I don’t think it’s overwhelmed by the size of the tight space I have up here. Although there are many with larger heads and because they have a larger head or they got maybe a lot of hair on that larger head as well. They need a larger knot for it to look proportional. So that’s probably the key thing you want to think about is what not is going to look proportional. So if you got a really small thin head, you want a small know because if you wear a Windsor knot and if it’s something that you’ve a very thick tie. That knot in comparison with your head, it’s just going to make your head look smaller. So just think about that and be you know also at the end of the day you want something you’re comfortable wearing. So if you put it in to a knot that you never worn before and you feel people are staring at you. Well you’re not going to – you’re not going to perform. You’re not gong to be – you’ll just going to feel nervous and whenever we feel nervous about something that we can control, that’s a bad thing. To summarize, there isn’t a right tie knot for the right occasion. It comes down to the right tie knot for you once you feel comfortable tying.

And what you feel looks good with your proportions and the clothing that you’re wearing. All right, this has been Carl Centeno with “Real Men, Real Style”.

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