Timeless Skin Care

Timeless Skin Care

Lavender has good antimicrobial properties and makes an excellent disinfectant agent since it does not irritate the skin and has a pleasing floral fragrance. During the Second World War, every English home with a lavender bush was asked to harvest the flowers and take them to the local medical supplies unit for use as an antiseptic! At this time it was also used to wipe down floors and bench surfaces in field hospitals and operating theatres, as well as for swabbing wounds.

Disinfecting clothes, nappies (diapers), etc. For hand washing, add up to 50 drops of lavender oil to half a litre of warm water; otherwise add up to 50 drops to a liquid detergent before putting it into the washing machine.

For washing floors, surfaces, etc. Add up to 50 drops to a bucket or bowl of water and stir well before mopping or wiping surfaces.

For cleaning cuts, wounds, etc.

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Add a few drops of neat lavender to a small bowl of cooled boiled water and swab the damaged area using a cotton wool or gauze pad.

Disinfecting sickrooms, bathrooms, workplaces, etc. Diffuse lavender into the air – for various methods see page.

Several other essential oils are also valuable disinfectants – notably tea tree but also lemon and eucalyptus.

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