Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

Tips For Rapid Weight Loss


Sodium regulates for exercises full workout fluids from either side of cell walls.

Sulphur cell respiration, new cells.

Chlorine cell membranes.

Fluorine increases red blood cells.

Iron nucleus of every cell and transports oxygen to muscle cells.

Magnesium activates protein and carbohydrates within cells.

Silicon vital for cell growth with the hair, skin and eyes, promotes red blood cell and bone development.

Cobalt maintains body cells.

Chromium movement of glucose (blood sugar) into cells.

Vitamin A skin, digestive, respiratory, bone and urinary cells; also transfer of genetic material.

Vitamin C vital for skin cells.

Vitamin E promotes cell life and cell respiration.

Vitamins F, K and B complex.

There are two main parts to the elimination system: the digestive system and excretory fluids system. After the process of digestion within the stomach and small intestine, the remaining food chyme passes into the large intestine. This is approx.1. 5m long and has five main parts: the caecum, the transverse colon, descending colon, pelvic colon and the rectum.

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Digestive elimination requires a fair portion of roughage to function efficiently. Such foods as fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains are ideal foods to assist the elimination system.

The excretory fluids system includes the kidneys, skin, liver and lungs. The kidneys remove excess urea (protein) via the urine. The skin removes excess moisture. The liver removes nitrogen, old red blood cells and toxic substances. The lungs expel carbon dioxide and water. Mucus is produced within the body to expel toxins from the respiratory system and from the digestive system. Fasting is beneficial.

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