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The Urban Voodoo Machine play like folk possessed, and they look more possessed than most. Toddler girl bob haircut To say they play roots music is an understatement; they’ve got more roots than a field of potatoes.

Led by the wild-eyed Paul-Ronney Angel they’re a disparate troupe but one that while always looking on the verge of chaos plays with the underlying maturity of a band who are now on their third album.

Angel, looking like the bourbon-soaked gypsy’ of their tag line – demonic facial hair, red fedora, Toddler girl bob haircut tattoos and lines of carnival beads – is a swaggering, Toddler girl bob haircut foul-mouthed but good-humoured giant of rock n’ roll.

Here he was the roaring ringmaster as the band danced and crashed their way through numbers largely taken from the new album LOVE, DEATH 8 DEATH! One of the big – literally -attractions is Slim, the accordion giant who has played post punk country with the Boot Hill Foot Tappers and the enormously entertaining Blubbery Hellbellies as well as accompanying big names in Austin. Here he played squeezebox, pub piano and was cheerleader as the band played numbers such as the single Pipe 8 Slippers Man, Crazy Maria and Drinking My Life Away.

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