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Biotin: Biotin deficiency symptoms include hair loss, premature wrinkles, and a scaly skin rash. A deficiency is uncommon, Toddler girl haircuts however, because biotin is formed by bacteria found naturally in the intestinal tract.

A protein in raw egg whites called avidin can bind to biotin in the intestines and prevent it from being absorbed. Consumption of several raw eggs a day might cause a biotin deficiency. Avidin is destroyed by high temperatures and eggs that are cooked do not inhibit absorption of the B vitamin.

A biotin deficiency is more likely to occur in pregnant women, alcoholics, the elderly, and athletes. Prolonged diarrhoea also might cause biotin deficiency. Some medications, such as antibiotics, destroy the important bacteria that produce the vitamin and a deficiency can develbp.

Foods from both plant and animal sources contain biotin. The richest sources are offal meats, milk, dried beans and peas, whole grain breads and cereals, and nuts.

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