Top 10 Hairstyles For Men

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: All rich, lush browns will have an over-glow of gold. If you dont want your hair to have this final tone, you will need to ask for an ash shade of hair color, which will not shine as much. Ash tones will be dull in appearance. The golden rich browns or soft golden blondes have an overall aliveness and look healthier.

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Hair color is much prettier with soft golden or soft coppery-red overtones. These tones reflect within natural soft blondes, rich browns and lush red shades.

Getting the right hair color is like a conversation if communication is unclear, you could have big problems. This advice is applicable for those who have never had their hair processed before and for those who have used hair color for years.

I hope this guide will help you have more beautiful, natural-looking hair color, and so others wont have to wonder if you do or you dont. ? I will start by discussing semi-permanent hair colors. These are the least damaging hair color products, and they offer a great alternative for those who fear the thought of hair color, but still want to color their hair.

Semi-permanent colors are also great for those who like to have a different hair color every month the ones who always ask, Why is my hair so dry? ? We colorists call this group the hair color addicts. ? The main types of hair color are semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent. Each of these formulations has different volumes of developer, so there will be a difference in the penetration of hair color into the hair shaft.

The professional versions of Clairol and LOreal color have this system all figured out for you, so you can relax and decide on the shade, how much money you want to spend, and what level of commitment you wish to make. Semi-Permanent Color: I find this level of color is the least damaging to all types of hair. It will shampoo out gradually and leave your hair extremely shiny from the first application.

My favorite feature of these products is they help overly-processed ends blend in better with the rest of the hair shaft. The product will last at least six to eight shampoos and can be used again within four weeks or even more often if you have gray hair. The benefits are numerous.

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