Treatments For Vitiligo

Some Common Drugs and Side Effects Monobenzone
Extra care should be adhered to while using this medicine. As such don’t use this drug if you are allergic to the compound Monobenzone. Moreover, don’t apply it on the parts of the skin not depigmented due to the disease, Vitiligo. This mixture may take up to four months to deliver the desired result or effects. Consult your doctor if you don’t notice any improvements in your conditions after one month of treatment. It is also best to avoid sunlight and tanning salons if you are also undergoing this treatment.
Methoxsalen Oral
This drug is mostly used to treat severe cases of Vitiligo. If the Vitiligo condition does not respond well to other therapies, then it should, therefore, be used. Such measures should be taken because this particular drug has some extreme side effects such as aging, skin cancer and cataracts. It is fundamental that one always consults his or her doctor before going for this treatment.
Methoxsalen Top

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Methoxsalen Top is used together with UVA to return pigmentation to the discolored areas of the skin. As this chemical works by making the Vitiligo-infected skin more sensitive to the ensuing ultraviolet radiations, the number of melanocytes which produce melanin increase. This drug is not recommended for persons under twelve years of age.
How to use Methoxsalen Top
A medical practitioner applies this to the Vitiligo infected areas and is mostly familiar in those parts of the body that are exposed to UVA light. Once you have treated your skin with this drug, protect it from exposure to sunlight, and this is so as to avoid sunburns. Use of sunscreen is recommended if one cannot entirely avoid exposure to sunlight.
Improvements begin to occur in a couple of weeks, but the desired effects will be obtained around six to nine months. Immediately consult your doctor if your condition does not change or if it deteriorates.

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