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Home-made cleansers and conditioners

In recent years, a lot of new products for natural Afro hair have appeared on the market. In fact, there are so many hair-care products on the market that we will not even try to guide you. Using these products must be based on personal knowledge of products that can help your hair followed by experience with each product since every head of hair will respond differently to different products based on its condition. Even in one family you find hair differences with some having very coarse hair while others have softer thinner hair.

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What we have done here is to list a few natural products that have been found to be very beneficial for Afro hair even before science caught up with the explanation as to what makes them work. It is useful to know what makes them special and of benefit to your hair.

Always remember, the selection of natural products for hair care is all about supporting a three step routine – adding moisture, smoothing the outer layer of the hair shaft to trap moisture in each hair strand and supporting the hair so that it feels smooth to the touch, does not tangle too much when styling and has some elastic character so it can stand a slight stretch (such as when braiding your hair) and finally locking in the moisture by sealing the hair -usually by applying a thin coating of some sort of oil. This process improves texture, shine and general appearance and the elasticity of your hair allowing it to be manipulated without breaking too easily.

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