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Apart from being beautiful, braids offer great versatility and protection from nasty weather such as the long rainy season or extreme cold or hot sun and dust and are a hair saver. Braided hair must also be cared for to keep it looking its best. For this reason a lot of attention has been devoted to this section of the blog and it is likely that some of the most valuable guidance will come from here.

Before you braid your hair remember it will be in this style for a few weeks or months. Be sure to clean your hair before you get it braided to avoid accumulation of dirt and itchy scalp.

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Be sure to dry your hair before attempting to braid it. Damp braids tend to allow growth of bacteria and will develop a bad odor fast.

Cornrows and braids all benefit from the support of extensions. The fibers of the extension offer protection by shielding your own hair from the sun and cold and reducing the friction and breakage associated with hair strands rubbing against each other both at the time of braiding and when you comb out your hair.

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