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Be with the breath so that you are defined by it, more than you are defined as your role as parent. Just for now. Observe yourself so that you are more than a reaction. See yourself so that you can create more awareness of your habits and your challenges. Accept yourself as a parent for what you have done. Accept your humanity, which will allow you to be more fully present with your children.

When your children call you back from this focused place, fill yourself with gratitude for your little mirrors. Just as sitting in quiet can make you aware of your light and dark places, so too can your kids. You will get frustrated again. You will become impatient. But you can continue to listen and sweetly accept yourself for the parent that you are in this moment.

Breathe through the overwhelming love. Do it when they nap. Do it when they settle. Connecting to yourself is a great gift, that you can give your children.

Sleep is the building block of nice people, but when you are a new parent, sleep quickly becomes a rare and precious commodity. Things that used to be a part of your life on a regular basis now seem like leisurely pursuits. None of us are our best selves when we are dragging.

When you dont have time to shower, let alone sleep, meditation may be the last thing on your mind. However, meditation has many benefits, and one benefit is the ability to cope with change. Parenthood may be the most demanding yet rewarding change of all.

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