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Troye Sivan The YouTuber and self-described âœbrooding electro-pop❠artist, 20, drops his first full-length album, Blue Neighbourhood, on December 4.

Your song âœThe Fault in Our Stars❠earned you a lot of fansâ”the video for it has over six million views! What made you write it? I felt so much when I read John Green’s book, so I felt compelled to write a song about itâ”intended just for myself. Then I decided to do a quick music video at my local children’s hospital for my YouTube channel, and it kind of blew up. I’ve been singing since I was really young, but that’s when my record company found me and signed me! Speaking of YouTube, please discuss your bromance with Tyler Oakley. Ty and I are great friends.

He’s someone who paid attention to me when I was first making videos. Slowly we started hanging out and became really, really close. Now we’re always bouncing ideas off each other.

What made you decide to make the powerful âœBlue Neighbourhood❠video series with three songs off your EP Wild? I was looking back at the songs and I realized it was a potential story line that could incorporate a million little messages that I find important. For example, in the first one, I wanted to show the innocence and naiveté in gay kids before they realize that anyone would have an issue with them liking who they like.

Aside from music, what else are you into? I’ve recently found out I’m quite interested in fashion. It was something I was scared of growing up. I was already a little bit different, and I felt that people would call me gay if I was, you know, wearing fashionable clothes. But now that I’ve come out, I realize you can be straight and love fashion or you can be gay and hate fashion. If you feel good in what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters.

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