Truffle Cakes Recipe

Truffle Cakes Recipe

You will need:

4 oz. Stale sponge cake.

4 oz. Castor sugar.

4 oz. Ground almonds apricot jam almond or rum essence (optional)

1 Grate the cake into crumbs or rub through a coarse sieve into a mixing bowl.

2 Add the sugar and almonds.

3 Warm the jam over a gentle heat and sieve.

4 Blend the cake and almond mixture to a firm paste with the jam, adding a few drops almond or rum essence if liked.

5 Shape the mixture into 12-18 balls and leave in a cool place until firm.

6 Dip each ball in glace icing or melted chocolate, using a skewer.

7 Roll in chocolate vermicelli and leave on a plate until dry.

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Serve in small paper cases.

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