Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another post with the girl Milla boo you are joining me in my bedroom today. So welcome it’s going to be a different post. But I’m really excited and hope you guys are too, I am bringing you today a clothing Tryon haul from various stores that, I want to shop at all the time and you guys always ask and always wonder where, I get my clothes how, I style them how short am, I tall, I am things like that.


So let’s begin okay. So the first thing is, I am 5 3 I’m usually between size 4 and 6 depending on the store or the type of clothes that, I wear. So a lot of the things that, I like to stick to or my style in it’s very versatile and comfortable where, I can either dress it up if, I need to or, I can dress it down and a lot of the pieces are also, I can layer them. Because, I live in Florida we will really get a winter per se as in like really cold weather. So, I like to buy pieces, I can wear in the winter summer time fall spring you guys get the idea right, I think that makes up the first place, I always look to shop it is converse gym and the first piece, I picked up was actually a dress and, I got it in two colors. Because, I love it so much I’m going to go back and get the rest of the colors this is by the brand lace or least, I don’t know how you pronounce that. But I love this brand they have always such length pieces and this dress is gorgeous it’s like this like hazard grey like army gray color with sleeveless which is amazing for Florida and the reason why, I like this dress in particular.

Because it is ridiculously flattering first thing, I like this side on the left side kind of Roush is kind of gathered together and then towards the bottom it kind of Criss crosses and it makes like a really flattering shape for your body and the back just really laces tight and just hugs my figure perfectly that’s why, I like it and the reason why I’d like to distress or right now for this time of season is. Because, I can wear it and, I can actually layer it. So let’s say if, I want to wear like a jacket on top it looks really good and if, I can wear the summertime. Because it is sleeveless, I am, I going to get too hot the best thing is, I can wear it very comfortably like athleisure style with like sneakers or converse or Atkins dress it up with like cute sandals or like really cute booties, I love this and this is the other color that, I picked up this beautiful heather gray, I just love these and, I think just both of them inside Smith. So this next piece might be a little controversial mom is your wife isn’t your probably going to us or so much we’re just medias like oh my goodness like how could you that type of thing. So if it it’s a sweater it’s a distressed destroyed sweater from Topshop and, I am upset, I love this kind of stuff, I am into like the distressed jeans like the holy thing basic black holes holy holy be holy sweaters holy shirts if, I couldn’t ride right now holy crap yeah. So this is what it looks like this color, I think this is what really attracted me with this color you guys can see I’m really into the Seas weird colors like this muted blue violet gray yes that makes sense right it’s beautiful it’s gorgeous and, I picked it up in the inside.

But I decided, I pick it up in size us four. Because it’s a little bit bigger okay. So you can see it’s very holy the actual shoulders are cut out and then you have like these little poles all over the place. But the holes are placed in the right places where it’s not like minor nipples or something like that and then it has a bigger cut out that has like mesh. So it’s not actually your skin showing kind of like mesh. So, I thought that was kind of cool what do we think of this, I love it. So this is last piece and, I think they’re from Nordstrom is also from Topshop and, I got this really cool white faux leather biker jacket and, I picked it up in a size six, I believe yes it is my 6us just.

Because, I like my jackets to be a little bit bigger if, I wanted to layer them with like sweaters or like a thicker shirt underneath, I can and the reason why, I think this that was. Because first of all it’s white, I love white jacket than it has it goes really pretty silver hardware, I love all the zipper detailing and also how they do the wet little tassels on the zippers and, I just thought it was a really flattering jacket and, I like that you can actually wear it wear dressy or you can dress it down and, I just actually well we both actually just bars on some bicycles Plus that this would be perfect for our biking, I know pretty awesome. So we’re legit are we into white leather second, I think it’s kind of quick. So next door, I stopped, I was free people and, I found a hatch. If you noticed about me, I love hats any kind of hat, I will go forth, I just think they’re super to you and especially that, I live in Florida now for the summertime or any times a year, I need to cover this hat and protect it from the Sun. So this is the hat that, I picked up, I think it’s so pretty it’s actually 100% wool and the color is called carbon. But it’s kind of like this pewter shade this is really light brown with a little bit of gray when, I think of purple yes it’s a cool color and, I love the way it looks, I love the special with this hair color, I think it really makes my hair stand out even more what do we see from this one and the next door is Urban Outfitters, I love that store they always have a lot of great pieces that, I can transition between seasons, I just love that door.

So the first thing, I picked up was this really really pretty sure to solve the shoulder. So you like look how pretty this is like, I can wear this in the fall, I can wear this now and in the summertime just. Because the colors and the design the print is. So pretty and a little bit off the shoulders. So pretty and these cute little tassel the time in the front and, I got this in size actually small just. Because it’s a little bit oversized and a little bit draping, I didn’t want it to kind of swallow my frame and this is the brand pinky, I believe that Kim Chi blew by urban and, I really like this it has like a long sleeve and both sleeves are kind of like tapered or cinched. So that is nice you can like roll them up, and it’s not going to keep rolling back down, I can do wear this with like a skirt jeans shorts whatever it is it’s very versatile.

So these next several pieces are also from urban and they’re the basic tops that I’d love to kind of keep cycling in my wardrobe just. Because you know things get dirty they get worn out. So, I always like to have a couple of white teeth on it and this is the first medic Tech Justice inside those brands project social tea by Urban Outfitters and, I got it in a size small and just. Because it’s a little bit oversized and the reason why, I like this is their actual pattern or the material of this shirt. So this shirt is really perfect for like layering or you can even wear it as like a cover-up to the beach and, I really like that it’s Caeser. But not see-through to the point where you’re like okay girl like seriously wear something else underneath that. So you can wear like a really cute for a lot underneath or like a bathing suit top as, I mentioned.

But I really like this, I love a good white tee for all seasons of the year experience a great top. So the next one is also a white top. But it’s kind of different to where it’s not just a plain white sleeveless kind of like this tank top it has it this really cool extra layer on top around like the dressage area or your chest, and it’s really cute adds a little bit of a feminine touch and, I think it’s perfect for the summertime or even right now where, I can layer it like, I slide, and it’s really nice it’s kind of like a high top back. So, I really appreciate that, I can wear this with like skinny jeans short skirts. So really great piece the next piece is a dress, and it’s kind of new style for me I’m trying to branch out a little bit here, I don’t know we’ll see how, I like it. So this is what the dress looks like it’s strapless and, I love that it buttons all the way down in the front, I have two pockets that are big and then it has two slits right in the front. So it’s extremely flattering.

But I just think though the length of the dress is perfect, I love it for the summertime and now and, I just think it’s really really cute. Because you can dress it up really cute sandals or you can dress it down and make it more of like athleisure style with like converse or sneakers or whatever you see the serves in the cute piece. So last. But not least from urban, I picked this this huge sweater, I call it like a duster sweater. Because it’s longer, I love this thing it’s so big and this is by the brand silence and noise and, I picked up an extra small to small it took this gray brown shade what would you call this like a baby like a baby shoe color and a slit on the side and it has two pocket and, I just love that you can just wear it for like traveling especially, and it’s kind of like this blanket perfect, I love it it’s not too long also it doesn’t swallow me as much as, I thought it would, I love this, I love kind of Sluttery. So, I actually bought a pair of shoes from Nordstrom and these are the converse select backs is like to call them pick it up in size 7, I love these. Because, I actually get things like every year, I recycle them.

Because, I wear them. So often. So they get really messy and like dankey and very well loved and lived in. So, I always tried to pick up a new pair and, I love these, I think they’re a little bit more feminine than the actual original version where we’re tied all the way up, I like the slip-on version, I think they’re a little bit more comfortable and like, I said, I think they look and wear better on me, I love pairing these with literally anything and everything skirts dresses shorts leggings jeans you can wear these to bed. If your husband isn’t that kind of thing. So I’m just get it notice there. So these are just.

So cute and, I love getting the classic white Orlick Reem with the white red and blue, I just love these they’re. So versatile and, I just sort of trimly comfortable, I cannot get enough of these. So there you have it, I hope you guys like and join me in my bedroom it’s a little bit more personal you guys get to know me a little bit more in my style my taste let me know what you thought of the pieces how you would style them and. If you even like these types of posts on my blog. But for now thank you so much for reading let me know in the comment section below what you guys think thumbs up this post. If you enjoyed it I’ll see you guys next time, I love you all very much bye.

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