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We asked a Type A doctor to describe her life briefly. She replied, I was the youngest consultant appointed at [ ] Hospital, I have a thriving private practice, I have published 120 scientific articles and lectured around the world …‚. When she had finished, we said, But earlier you mentioned you were married with children but you never referred to this once‚. In fact, we discovered that this doctor works so much that she moved her word processor into the lounge to be with her husband.

Type As find it difficult to believe that their way of behaving is counter-productive. Type Bs give themselves more time and space to be creative and more effective in the long run, often advancing their careers! Contrary to popular belief Type Bs are also ambitious and competitive people but they go about things in a different way. As a result they achieve their goals without suffering ill health. They usually have more fulfilling family relationships and a good social life.

Type A Behaviour is conducive to workaholism. Workaholics invariably suffer marital and social relationship problems, as they struggle for success and need to work longer and longer hours to achieve their goals. This clearly spells distress. You can assess whether or not you are a workaholic by completing the questionnaire below.

A woman told us how her workaholic husband cancelled a week of their fortnight’s family self-catering holiday because of work commitments and then described what happened. We set off for Cornwall via his office and waited in the car park for nearly two hours. On the Tuesday evening he said he had arranged a business appointment for the following day. He arrived back in Cornwall in the early hours of Thursday morning. On the way home from holiday he insisted on calling in at his office again. This time we waited just over an hour. This isn’t the first time a holiday has gone like this. We are never going on holiday with him again!’

Frequently Type As find it difficult to relax and switch off from work. They are the people who come back from the Costa del Sol with three white lines across their forehead or who telephone the office every day or pack business work in their suitcase. Frequently they feel obliged to take work home and are only happy if their briefcases are bulging at the seams!

Type As will often say, I thrive on stress‚. In fact, what they are saying is, I am addicted to noradrenaline.‚ This addiction

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