Achieve taut and smooth skin with Ulfit, the newly improved face lifting and body contouring system. Ulfit is a non-invasive treatment using the world’s FIRST large circular motion applicator-the Spray Motion Technology. With a multi functional hand piece that delivers micro- and macro- focused circular ultrasound, it lifts the face, reduces wrinkles and contours the body. This effective and efficient treatment does not damage the surrounding area of the skin surface. It has a pain control mode for the clients’ comfort. Ulfit delivers fast treatment that takes less than an hour to complete, and delivers excellent and dramatic results!

Introducing the latest technology of fat freezing, Cool4Dâ„¢, a device combined with 2 different functions of cooling lipolysis and skin cooling. Cool4Dâ„¢ is a non-invasive cooling exposure using a vacuum suction to freeze fat cells for size reduction on targeted areas of the body. Cool4Dâ„¢ eliminate fat cells without damaging the surrounding areas. It comes with its 360 surround cooling technology, exchangeable multi-functional applicator, 3-types of customized cooling cup, a patented safety gel pad, and user friendly interface. This portable, compact-size machine can be used on the abdomen, back, bra bulge, flank, hips, love handles and thighs. Cool4Dâ„¢ is clinically proven, with great results shown within 2 months of treatment.

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