Ultimate Guide to Your Hair Coloring at Home

I noticed that my hair sheds a lot after I go light blond. Why is this?

Applying permanent hair color is a chemical process and can be damaging if not done correctly. The lighter you go in color, the stronger the chemicals required to lift your hair to that level of blond. You need to do a swatch (test on a small piece of hair in an inconspicuous area) and a patch (skin test to see if there is an allergic reaction) test before proceeding with the allover color.

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If you see damage on the piece of hair you tested, that is a sign of what will happen. Your hair may possibly not be healthy enough to endure the coloring process. Wait until all of your hair is in a very healthy state before you dye it. Also, consult with a professional who is experienced and can get your tresses up to speed.

A fabulous shade looks its best when it’s added to healthy hair. After coloring, I notice that my ends always turn out darker than the rest of my hair. Why does this happen?

When your hair is healthy, the cuticle, or outer layer, is intact. This makes it harder for dye to be absorbed. When the hair is porous from damage, however, it acts as a sponge, easily taking in more color. If the ends of your hair are more damaged and more porus than other areas, this may be why they’re a darker color. Fix this problem by getting a trim or haircut. Why is my gray hair so hard to color? Gray hair can be extremely stubborn. The problem lies in the texture: Gray hair can be very coarse and therefore more resistant to color. If hair is 40 to 50 percent gray, sometimes colorists prefer to pretreat it. Your professional stylist is trained on the correct way to apply and time the hair coloring product for best results.

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