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Tongue Piercing With piercings becoming more and more popular today, there are more reasons to get them than just for the look. The sensations of a piercing are one of the biggest reasons to get a piercing today, making the tongue a popular piercing option. Kissing with a piercing can cause different and pleasurable sensations for both people sharing a kiss.

With a piercing you can kiss completely different than others. A number of people will want to kiss you to see what it feels like and to have the experience of playing with the piercing. Because it is different from the norm, they are guaranteed a more fun and interesting kiss than what they are used to.

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Piercings can be a turnon because they are slightly naughty and adventurous. Even for people that don’t really like tattoos or piercing, it can still be a turnon because a tongue piercing is usually hidden. When you talk, however, it can be seen slightly, drawing people to your mouth to see if you definitely have a tongue piercing or not. This is a good thing if they are looking at your mouth, because it starts people’s imaginations running into overdrive. While you are talking to them, they start to wonder what it would be like to kiss you with your piercing, and it goes on from there. They start thinking about your lips and kissing them. You already have your chance because you have a piece of metal in your mouth.

People that haven’t kissed anyone before with a tongue piercing are often intrigued and curious to feel what it is like. That is the kiss that is going to stay in their mind as one of the better kisses because the sensation of something cold and hard on your tongue is great. Many people think it looks sexy as well.

And for you, of course, it will be fantastic. You do get pleasure out of your piercing; it won’t just be for the person you are kissing. Your tongue has so many nerve endings that any little movement will cause a sensation. When people are kissing you and they are playing with your piercing, it will be pulling on your tongue, so it will be very enjoyable, not to mention the fact that the person kissing you will want to get a little adventurous in their kissing and try things they might not usually try if you didn’t have the piercing.

For those who would love to get their tongue pierced but think that there is no way that their boss would let them wear it to work, don’t worry. You can still get it done. You can have a retainer put in that is clear plastic. If you use the retainer in place of your regular piercing, nobody can even tell that you have your tongue pierced.

Also, you can have fun with the piercing itself as a form of body adornment. Think outside the square and think about all the fun attachments you can put on your barbell. There are rubber balls with little spikes on them, which sounds like it could be painful, except that the spikes aren’t sharp; instead, they massage the other person’s tongue. You could get an even larger ball than normal to make a really obvious difference, and it is something your partner can actually play around with their tongue. Now your tongue is getting the massage. UV attachments are great, especially if you are in a club or somewhere dark. If people see them glowing, they think it is a bit of fun and want to kiss you. For something quite different, check out an attachment called the UFO. It is a big ball with other little balls coming off around it, and it looks just like a UFO, hence the name and a lot of fun!

If you do decide to go for a jewel that is slightly larger than normal, check it often to make sure it hasn’t loosened off because you don’t want to end up swallowing an object that large. Just a minor warning: it does happen that attachments loosen a little and get swallowed.

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