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After graduating from college with a mechanical engineering degree, Anisha had one requirement for her career: It had to be exciting. She eventually landed a spot on the engineering team at Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida, where her first project was working on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So yeah, mission accomplished.

How do you use technology at your job?

I’m in the division of the park that’s responsible for designing, engineering, and implementing new attractions and experiences. What I work on can range from overseeing the installation of animated figures to reviewing code to make sure it meets the safety standards for our attractions. For The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I worked on the Hogsmeade animated figures, Dancing Trolls, and the magic wand interactive experience.

What has been your favorite thing about working on harry potter?

When Diagon Alley first opened, there was a kid who did a spell with his wand and then ran to his mom, freaking out to tell her that he was a wizard. Working on something that gives someone that kind of feeling is incredible.

What inspired you to study engineering?

I’ve always loved math and science. In second grade, I challenged my teacher to see who could get the most multiplication problems right in a certain amount of time and I won in front of the whole class. It was an empowering moment to realize it’s cool to be good at math. any advice for a girl who wants to try coding but doesn’t feel like such a math whiz? Coding is surprisingly simpler than most people realize. It’s about solving a problem logically. If you can understand how to methodically think through something, that’s the foundation of coding.

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