Unsurprised Acne Holiday

Maybe for the upcoming holiday, you and your family decided to go to your cabin house at the lake. You and your family are surely looking forward to this holiday as you guys have not been there for a few years. Thinking of the fond memories can make your longing to get there worse.

However, you probably also know that the place is going to need a good cleaning as you have not been there for quite some time. But a little dust is not going to spoil this family holiday time, right?
This is such a perfect destination to go and have a relaxing holiday with the family, you can spend some family time together, swim in the lake, maybe even catch a fish or two. There are so many things to keep kids of any age busy as well, giving you and your partner some alone time.

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The Family Holiday at The Cabin

As you get there you can see the cabin needs some work, but it can all be done over the holiday as it doesnt look like major issues. You can turn it into a family job, each one in the family can do something to help. Mother and daughter can start fixing and cleaning inside and father and son can start working on the outside of the cabin. Perfect teamwork as always.

Yet, as you enter the cabin you see that everything is covered in a blanket of dust. The dust is so thick that it almost looks like the furniture is made out of dust. As you put the bags down it makes a small dust cloud. You really did not expect it to be this dusty.

Well, time to start cleaning and everyone is going to need to help inside as the dust is just too much! So, your first day starts with cleaning. While you and your partner clean the main bedroom, the kids jump in to clean the bathroom. That way, at least there will be a place to sleep and bath before bedtime. Once done you also head to the kitchen as no one can cook in the dust. For the rest of the house, it can be tackled in the morning.

You spend the early evening on the porch with a cup of tea and after supper, everyone heads off to bed.

Unfortunately, the cabin is not as small as you remembered and it takes another 3 days to get it cleaned. Some places have to be washed twice as the dust seems to have embedded itself in places.

However, on the morning of the third day, everyone wakes up to find that everyone seems to have an outbreak of acne! Now, for some people, acne is common, depending on age and hormones, as well as other things. But this is not a normal occurrence for your entire family to have acne.

Now, yes, this may be a little weird. But there is actually nothing weird about it as acne is a normal thing and in circumstances like this, there is only one cause to why everyone will have them at the same time.

The cause of such an acne breakout is the lots of dust. As a person cleans and sweats with so much dust around you, the dust can settle on the skin and cause a blockage in the sweat pores causing acne to form. Acne can form overnight and can be seen as one, two spots or even a dozen at a time. There are many treatments that can help get rid of them but do not start scratching as it will leave a lot of unwanted marks.

I know you must be worried because you did not plan for something like this to happen and there are no shops close by where you can go to buy acne treatment. Just calm down, do not worry as there are many different home products that can be used to help get rid of acne. Acne does go away on their own but you can use some of these home product to help them disappear faster.

Home products That Help with Acne

You may use one or more of these for acne:

Tea Tree Oil

Green Tea






Witch Hazel



Apple Cider Vinegar

Some of the things on the list might be a bit more difficult to find as they may not be a common item for everyone. But some of them might be growing close to the cabin and some you may have brought with. One nice thing is that you guys are at the cabin and there will be no one else, so, make some masks and walk with them on for some time.

You and the family should not worry and enjoy the holiday as you guys planned on doing. The dust and acne issues are just a little hick-up in the way that can be solved very easily with some home products.

If you are planning a trip soon, remember what to take along and to watch out for.

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