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So today’s post is going to be testing out a new product for my hair new for me we’re doing that in styler you guys have asked to see this countless times and I’m finally doing it. But be mallanna, I got the wrong size curler, I wanted to get the 3/4 inch which is a new one for them, I got 1.25 inches.

So there’s gonna be a big curl. But I’m excited to test it out anyways. So this bad boy retails for $99.99. So pretty much a little bit over $100 and, I think it’s a really cool product it’s rated really good, I don’t know how it’s gonna do good for my hair, I read mixed reviews regarding the straightening process it doesn’t straighten as good as a curls straightens better than a flatiron, I doubt it. But we’ll see by the way do you guys like my shirt. But I do like the black and the and the what is this like copper color alright let’s turn the bond I’m excited to test it out I’m gonna set it on the third heat setting, I don’t want it to be too hot.

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So as you can see this is a rotating instyler, I guess that’s the cool thing about it. So I’ve tried multiple rotating heat tools and, I don’t like that you have to double click to change your direction and you can’t control the speed, I don’t like that at all alright. So I’m going to split my hair right down the middle one side I’m going to shrine and the other side I’m going to curl and let’s start with some heat protectant I’m gonna give you guys two options this one’s really great it’s not too expensive it’s 1699 by kenra this is the thermal a styling spray and then, I have the Tresemme the heat tamer this one is only for 399. So, I like both of them this one more than this one just. Because this one doesn’t dry out my hair as much as a Tresemme I’m just gonna split each section into two sections just. Because, I have layers. So, I want to make sure all of the hair gets beloved and I’m just gonna start straightening my hair, I guess try it okay what did it curl it do you guys see that look at that what do you why look how frizzy like weird it made my hair looks like you go, I don’t know why.

But that does not look good all right. So it’s definitely not better than a straightener just. Because, I have to put more force to drag it down just. Because it’s rotating and there’s a brush bristles ionic bristles attached. So it’s kind of working against me in a way for straightening, I don’t like this see what, I mean it’s a pulling out my hair let’s try to move this even slower as they recommend you guys see that you feel like it I’m just pulling on it, I don’t like this thing it’s just my hair no baby, I straightened and just my natural hair I’ve got another contender well it’s better uh-huh this pick it up that’s better it is straighter all natural. But serious did you guys see that it’ll literally creased in the crinkled it that looks. So bad now let me show you just for fun what a real flat iron can do to your hair oh.

So pretty or you know what else you could do with this straightener what what is that it’s a curl you guys I’m just being way too sarcastic now straightens better than a flat iron no no it doesn’t, I promise you that it doesn’t alright let’s try to curl this okay. So, I double clicked to make sure the rotation is going away from the face let’s see. If that’s even right if, I did that correctly oh my gosh, I can’t even twist any. Because I’m like you can’t hold this. So, I can’t twist it like a flat iron. So obviously and that was a fail trying to curl my hair as, I would with a flat iron. So now I’m gonna actually take the hair and wrap it around the barrel as you would or regular a curling iron, I should get a curl.

Because we are going around the barrel. So the rotating is going away from the face. So it says to make sure the barrel is pointing down like towards yourself and then press it down alright that’s literally frying my hair, I do get a beautiful curl look at that. But my ends are fried all right, I want to do another one. Because the curl is really pretty. So obviously you get gorgeous curls. But that’s no surprise.

Because that’s exactly what we do with the regular curling iron. But once the rotation starts this is why, I don’t recommend this product it’s physics 101 once the hair is around the barrel and it starts rotating you’re compressing and pulling your hair at the same exact time once you clamp it that’s an extra compressive force on top of your rotating barrel in all honesty, I think this might work for those that have curly coarse hair just. Because curly hair needs more tension just to kind of pull it apart to get into all the crevices and then coarse hair is obviously thicker. So it can handle a little bit more than fine thin hair use it at your own risk that’s what, I would say. But for me personally it burned my hair, I am NOT a happy consumer. So therefore, I cannot recommend this product in theory this sounded great. Because, I went and actually bought it with my own money bet my time practicing and trying this out.

But in reality and practice it was a complete failure, I need this post on a positive note we came out with two t-shirt designs simple yet elegant and hello my lovelies this was a runner-up for what you guys chose for the third t-shirt design. So we decided to make a fourth one why not. So they’re both can be available in a white v-neck and a white crew neck as you guys liked the options when, I asked which one you guys prefer it’s kind of like 50/50. So yeah pick which one you guys want to get it’s available now on Miller boutique oh let me know what you guys think and of course let me know which other products you guys want me to test out I’m always up for that. But for now thank you for reading and I’ll see you guys next time, I love you all very much thank you.

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