It’s that time of the year folks where we say, I love you more thanks appreciate it Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to my blog today’s post it’s all about Valentine’s Day inspired short hairstyles hopefully they will be nice enough for you say like appreciate it the first short hairstyle is going to be with one of my favorite methods the pull through faux braid why. Because every little section when you actually pull it out it looks like a heart and water is the best occasion to wear heart every single day pretty much every single day or Valentine’s Day whichever you want for me it’s every single day some products that you will need are some hair elastics a hair clip to make your life easier.


If you have a rat tail go for that or your pinky your finger whichever works best and then either a dry shampoo or a dry texturizer and spray for example like the Oribe is really great. So you want to have some texture in your hair just. Because when we do pull out the hair a little bit to make make it more voluminous and create that nice heart shape heart shape from the pull-through braid you want the hair to not be as slippery. So it would it would stay and hold in place and hold its shape, I hope that makes that. So that’s what you want to hear to have a little bit of texture let’s get started the dry shampoo table uses the iron coat Death Valley this one’s pretty greatly adds a lot of volume to my hair and it works really great for a dry shampoo. So the first thing you want to do is divide your hair into two sections top and bottom you can use your fingers or you can use the rat tail comb to get your elastics out and let’s start making the poulter braid. So this bottom section you want to take the ponytails or the pull-through braid closer to the parting light on the top rather than the bottom.

So you want to just bring it up as close as possible to the party line. So just continue doing this all the way around with this lower section and create like five to six ponytails no more or no less I’m just kidding you can do whatever you want. But I’m going to do between five to six sections you want to keep them pretty equal. So, I have a total of six sections on the bottom and we’re going to set the pole right now with the slowest section. So step one you want to pull apart the first section on whichever side basically split it right in half just like one section to the top of one section to the bottom hold the middle and then bring the section that’s right behind it towards the front through the middle just like that. So the first section that we split is going to come back down take the hair clip and clip the first section away. Because we’re not using it step two is where you take the first ponytail that we split you combine it again into one and you take it to the third ponytail either take out the hair tie or you take a new one and you combine it into one big section continue doing this until you have no more ponytails left before we do anything else to the bottom section pull-through braid we’re going to do exactly the same thing to the very top I’m actually going to do a deep part on my left side you don’t have to do this you can always pull all of your hair back to the first section it’s going to be right behind the ear basically right on top of the first section on the in the bottom do the same thing tie off all the ponytails and since, I have six sections on the bottom I’m gonna have six sections on the top.

So now that, I have my top sections in their ponytails this is what makes this updo pretty unique and really cool with all the different types of textures and dimensions is the top section is going to go the opposite way. So we started on the left side for the lower section on the top we’re going to start on the right side when there pull through braid. So we’re doing the same exact thing as we did to the first pull-through braid taking the first section from where you’re starting split it right in half bring the section that’s behind it forward then you’re going to clip that section away just to make sure you’re not touching it just clip it away and then the sections that we split we’re going to bring them back and combine it to the third section into one big ponytail and just continue doing the exact same thing as we just did and what we did for the first lowest section all the way around. So now that we’re done with both top and bottom section and we have the starting pull through full braid now is my favorite part that’s where we actually go in and pull each section creating more volume dimension and obviously the heart I’m excited. So now we’re going to take these two sections and pin them into our little up to take mini bobby pins or bobby pins of your choice and just pin the section into the updo. If you want you can go up back up to the top or the crown of the head is and just pull apart the hair a little bit towards the top just to give it a little bit more volume and texture alright. So I’m pretty much done.

But I’m going to do one last thing I’m actually going to hide these clear elastics with little gold hair cuffs these are super cute you can find these anywhere. But these ones in particular, I found it also and then we have, I for the first one there are steps involved it looks extremely intricate. But it’s very simple and not really complicated which is the best part it lasts all day long, and it’s super cute and perfect for day night what do we think of this one the next one is going to be for those that like them buns this one’s super cute it’s very elegant. But yet it’s very edgy and playful divide your hair into three sections and this middle section this is where you’re going to take the bun I’m actually going to use a mini donut this is in a brown shade. Because my hair is darker. So just grab your hair and just we’re going to grab hair from the top all the way down to the bottom once the in your middle section you have a section at each side you’re going to create a ponytail using any care lastik and then make sure you place it where you want your bun to be situated or located stick your heads on nuts and take a bite just a sting put it in your hair pull your ponytail through the little hole. So make sure you spread your ponytail around the bun make sure it’s all even and covered then take another clear elastic and just plop it or right on top to secure all together alright.

So. Because my hair is still a little bit short I’m going to take these side section and divide them basically into two top and bottom and I’m going to take this bottom section and I’m actually going to wrap it underneath the bun just to kind of crisscross each side to give more like a sleek polished look on the bottom with the shorter hair take your bobby pins and secure each section. So for these last two sections you can do one of the following things you can either just take it straight back and instead of taking it under you take them and crisscross them on top of the bun around the bun basically kind of given like that really pretty crisscross looking bun in the back. But I’m actually going to braid these two sections just. Because, I want a little bit more dimension and a little bit more romance for this bun. Because, I think braids with buns mix together just super romantic it’s chic and elegant, and it’s just super pretty that’s why I’m doing it intertwine you know when you make love wall that took a quick turn. So I’m actually going to do a Dutch braid just.

Because, I love that the Dutch braid sits on top and especially for when you make them really loose it looks really pretty for the Dutch. So the Dutch is going to take your sections underneath the middle just like. So just keep doing this underneath underneath grab some hair add it to the section underneath I’m just going to braid until, I have no more hair left, I love the way the braids look with this hair color ah. So pretty. So before, I tie it off or do anything I’m going to go back in and just loosen up the entire braid starting at the top and just gently pull each section you can pull as little or as much as you want I’m going to tie off the braid right where it touches the bun and then the rest of the hair I’m just going to wrap it around the bun and then secure it with a bobby pin I’m going to do this same thing on this side braid a Dutch braid and pin it away into the bun not very hard unless you even know how to braid. So to finish it all off and add a little bit extra security and hold I’m going to take some hairspray and you can use any hairspray of your choice this one is the sexy hair big sexy hair spray just a little bit all over and here is my second one it is adorable, I love braids of buns first of all, I just love braids in general and buns in general put together they’re a match made in heaven perfect for Valentine’s Day super cute super fast and super easy let me know what you think for this one flying yes it is an intertwining hairstyle last. But not least, I think my favorite way to wear my hair to like a date night or even Valentine’s Day is to do like old Hollywood style curls going towards my face and, I think it’s so romantic it’s so pretty and flawless and classic and timeless wow that’s just me and, I usually do on a very deep part and on one side, I like to part it like or take it to the back behind my ear, I just think that it’s super sexy what I’m going to do I’m going to section off my hair into two sections top and bottom do you guys celebrate Valentine’s Day we’re going to do.

So the weapon of choice is going to be the beach way where s 75 which is 0.75 inches of the barrel. So it’s a smaller side, I think this is a small success alright babe 75 inches drive it’s just well done point seven five inches. So basically how it works is it rotates and it has this little clip where you actually put your hair and it literally rotates for you see that my first time using this. So we’ll try it out together. So it has fast and slow which means. If you’re a beginner like me, I probably do a little slow version.

But this is a fast slightly faster. So you have right and left you protected. Because I’ll be putting heat on my hair this is a bumble and bumble bee be styling lotion OOP. So, I have the heat set at 350 you can do it less or higher I’m going to take smaller section just. Because the barrel is smaller and. Because we’re taking it towards the face we’re going to make sure the clip is going underneath some will leave some hair hanging out and press some button okay that’s. So cool well and.

If you feel like a. So tight you can let go using the other option left this is. So cool kind of does a job for you which, I appreciate and you can obviously control this as well which is neat I’ve had to get used to where the buttons are. Because, I can’t see them this is just way too much fun, I think that’s good oh it’s really pretty, I like it. So I’m going to keep doing this making sure, I curl it all the same direction towards my face. Because, I want like that old Hollywood style curls well that was easy it took me like two minutes to do all of it. So last section for these types of curls, I like doing a deeper part just create your pump and just finish off curling I’m going to add a light layer of hairspray to all of my curls and let them set cool off and I’m going to come back brush them out and just style it to finish it off I’m actually going to brush out the curls you don’t have to I’m going to take my big olivia.

olivia garden paddle brush and just gently brush out the curls I’m actually going to take a little bit of oil run it through my ends just to kind of settle it a little bit I’m using the bumble and bumble bee bee hairdressers invisible oil this stuff is incredible it’s so lightweight and you only need a little bit of it. So to give a little bit more like the old Hollywood glam this section right here that’s the deep part I’m actually going to pick it up and hold it where, I wanted to lay grab my hairspray and spray it in place I’m going to grab my teasing brush and just give it a quick little comb through just. So it’s nice and seamless take the other side behind the ear to add a little bit of flux Emile’s like this and then this Harry here kind of let it flow down your face with a little bit of volume right here, I love this, I think it’s super romantic very edgy glam and, I always feel very sexy when, I have this hair they’ll. So there you have it three very different hairstyles for short hair that are perfect for any day any date night and especially for the upcoming holiday Valentine’s Day let me know which one you would wear I’m going to wear all three of them at once thank you so much for reading this post spending some time with me hope you guys enjoyed it give me a thumbs up comment down below once again, I love talking with you guys for now, I will see you guys in the next one bye.

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