Vanessa Hudgens Inspired Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Hi how are you doing I’m super happy and excited to be here because last night, I to be honest, I wasn’t feeling that well, I have a sore throat and, I was just like oh god I’m not sure if, I can post tomorrow and then when, I was going to sleep, I really didn’t feel good and in the morning when, I woke up and, I fell energetic again, I was like yay, I can make a new posts. So I’m really excited to be here and today I’m gonna be showing you a really beautiful soft and very simple to recreate ponytail it was actually inspired by for, I saw Vanessa Hudgens it’s really beautiful and just by the looks of it, I knew it was gonna be a piece of cake to recreate it.

So I’m gonna show you today how to recreate it and let’s begin. So you’re gonna need just a few simple tools to recreate this hairstyle I’m gonna need a regular brush you’re gonna need your largest curling iron. So I’m just using a really large bear the largest barrel, I have which is about two inches and then I’m gonna use some bobby pins the first thing I’m gonna do is just I’m gonna brush my hair and I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions I’m wearing the ombre set 160 grams and the reason I’m wearing my Lexus for this hairstyle is without them my ponytails can who are quite pathetic and thin.

Vanessa Hudgens Inspired Side Ponytail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So I’ve just added that to recreate a similar style that Vanessa Hodges had on the photo and what I’m gonna do when I’m gonna curl my hair because I’m not gonna actually curl all of the hair I’m gonna put it just on one side I’m just gonna grab separate sections of hair quickly brush through them and my curling iron is already hot and I’m gonna start curling it away. So everything I’m gonna be curling is gonna be curling away from my face and then I’ll hold it for about 15 seconds I’m just gonna release it and when, I release it, I have a really nice soft big big wave and that’s exactly what I’m going for.

So I’m just gonna go ahead and continue doing that just on separate sections that, I pick out out of this ponytail, I do not need to curl the whole ponytail just some separate sections once. I’ve curled the hair this is what, I end up having very nice and soft waves you know the barely-there waves. So I’m just gonna brush through the waves with my fingers just to soften them out even more if you don’t have time of course you can do this hairstyle and straight here but vanessa hudgins wore this ponytail with really soft waves and that’s why i curled my hair as well now the next step I’m gonna do is I’m gonna trap grab a big section of hair probably the longest section, I can grab and then what I’m gonna do I’m gonna grab this section and I’m gonna wrap it around the middle of my ponytail.

So just about here I’m gonna wrap it once and then I’m gonna wrap it twice and then if it’s long enough I’m gonna wrap it three times there we go just like that and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab my bobby pin and I’m gonna pin the hair in the back and I’m gonna take one more and do the same in the back alright what I’m gonna do next is just secure the right side of my hair because as you can see it’s quite loose on the side. So what I’m gonna do is just grab a few more bobby pins and just slide it in this hair that’s loose and then the hair will cover it and that’s it the hairstyle is done that’s it for today my beauties thank you. So much for tuning in make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know how you like this side ponytail I’d love to hear from you thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I’ll see you next week bye.

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