Vegetarian Weight Loss Tips

Vegetarian Weight Loss Tips


The blood system for exercises full workout the carrier of all nutrients in the form of oxygen, glucose, amino acids, minerals, water, vitamins and enzymes. Blood is our lifeline and over a period of 2 months the entire bodys blood cells are renewed.

The main functions of blood are to:

1. remove waste via the liver and kidneys

2. transfer chemical messages as hormones

3. supply antibodies to areas of infection

4. convey oxygen to all body tissues and organs

5. defend the body via the action of white cells

6. carry all nutrients for body nourishment

7. maintain physical and mental abilities.

Blood is composed of 55% plasma, 45% cells. Plasma contains 90% water and 10% solids in the form of minerals and protein. Cells contain 95% red cells, 3% platelets and 2% white cells. Blood contains 16 mineral elements and the average person holds 6 litres of precious blood.

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