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Verse Simmonds bought all the single ladies a rounduntil he found himself a boo thang, just in time for his career to take off! As an artist, songwriter and producer, Verse has worked alongside the hottest artists in the music industry, including Jay-Z, Kanye, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, and Chris Brown, but he doesn’t plan to stop there. Humble, but self-motivated, he’s headed straight to the top of the charts with upcoming projects with Young Jeezy and Gucci, the rerelease of his mixtape, and a nationwide tour. MYazine couldn’t let the talented artist get there before we got a chance to talk with him, especially considering his stripper anthem release of Shake That (Sex Love and Hip Hop).‚

Here’s what he had to say about his journey and future in the music industry, as well as what he had to say about strip clubs in Atlanta:

MY: You’re a very multifaceted artist as an artist, songwriter, and producer. Tell me about your growth throughout the different stages of your career and how you’ve balanced it all.

VERSE: I’ve always been an artist. That’s something I’ve always been passionate about. It’s been my dream since I was a little boy. I realized I had a gift to write music, as well as produce music so I started to branch out and work on getting better at my craft. That’s how I ended up getting into the music industry as a writer and a producer before anybody even knew me as an artist.

MY: How was it working on the Watch the Throne‚ project, which arguably now is a Hip Hop classic?

VERSE: It was great. It was definitely my milestone moment to be able to be on an album with two of the biggest Hip Hop artists in the world. We actually did two records on the album, Who Gone Stop Me,‚ as well as Made in America.‚ It’s one of those things when you realize I’ve made it in the music industry.‚ It’s definitely just motivation to go harder and try to achieve more. From that point on it’s just about creating something new andfresh. It’s about creating a legacy that you can build from that point on.

MY: I had to do a little research on you. You have a St. Thomas influence and being born in Puerto Rico, how do you incorporate those difference cultures into your music?

VERSE: It’s not something I really try to do. It’s something I feel is embedded in me. I grew up in the islands. I grew up in the Caribbean, and I grew up listening to difference genres of music. So, I think it’s a fusion that’s just in the music that I’ve created.

MY: What upcoming projects can we expect from you in the near future?

VERSE: Well currently I’m working on an album, as well as putting out a couple new singles. I have a new single that I’ve bout to put out in a few weeks featuring Young Jeezy… it’s called Bout That Life. It’s definitely something people are gonna listen to. It’s one of those automatic record that I think people will gravitate to immediately and you know having Young Jeezy on it definitely don’t hurt. By the top of the year, hopefully I’ll be putting out an album.

MY: This is an exotic dancer magazine. Sex Love and Hip Hop‚ is like a strip club all in one. So as far as that whole industry goes, did you notice any difference in the girls once you gained more notoriety, especially in the strip club?

VERSE: Absolutely. Getting into that light definitely draws attention, but I’ve never had a problem with girls. It’s all the same to me really.

MY: What’s your favorite club in Atlanta?

VERSE: My favorite club in Atlanta would either be Onyx or Follies.

MY: Top three luxurious items you must have at all times?

VERSE: Can I count my mind? I think I’d count my mind as the most luxurious items I desire. I’m not really that type of guy.

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