Very short haircut styles for men

1 Knead more quickly than is normal in a massage.This technique will invigorate each arm and shoulder in turn.

3 Then rub firmly and swiftly up the outside of each arm which will gradually stimulate and improve your circulation.

4 Repeat in an upwards direction each time, which is good at encouraging the blood to flow back to the heart.

5 With the fingers and thumb of one hand, Very short haircut styles for men firmly squeeze the neck muscles using a relaxing, circular motion.

6 With the outside edge of the hands lightly hack on the front of each thigh, using a non-stop, rapid motion.

7 Do not try to karate-chop your thighs. Instead, you want the hands to spring up lightly from the muscles.

8 Next, rub the calves vigorously to loosen them and to get the blood moving. Do this with the leg bent.

9 Always work from the ankles to the knee, using alternate hands. Finally, stand and shake your whole body.

Many people, such as sales assistants and tonic for aching legs indeed shoppers, teachers and hotel receptionists, spend far too long each day standing still, or barely moving. Such occupations create real problems for circulation in our legs, which can lead to tired, aching limbs, swollen ankles or even cramp. However, a quick self-massage at the end of the day can help reduce stiffness and sluggish blood flow. It is a wonderful, instant reviver.

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