Very Short Haircuts For Heart Shaped Faces


I Work along the spine and find the tender parts. Work these to try to disperse some of the congestion.


I Thumbwalk along the spine for the central nervous system in the spinal cord.


Hold the area and massage the appropriate cross reflex. For example, Very short haircuts for heart shaped faces for cramp in the calf, massage the cross reflex on the lower arm.

Work the adrenal gland reflexes on both feet. These glands deal with inflammation and aid good muscle tone when working effectively.

For lower back trouble, work the helper area by carefully rotating with your thumb.

Find the local area, for example, for the neck, work the cervical vertebrae and find the part of the neck of the.

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Toes that is tender.

To treat sciatic pain, begin working the sciatic reflex as clearly shown in the foot chart.

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