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I want to kind a man who will treat me properly’ I’m A Celeb! winner Vicky Pattison talks to Closer about festive fun with her family, searching for Mr Right and Jagerbombs with Kim K!

After a roller-coaster year of heartbreaks and admitting she falls for the wrong guys, Vicky Pattison says she’s looking forward to celebrating her win on I’m A Celeb! with a boozy Christmas with her friends and family.

The ex-Geordie Shore star, who was crowned queen of the jungle this month, has dated a string of men in the past year, including a brief fling with former flame Dan Conn, as well as nightclub promoter Josh Robson and reality star Stephen Bear. But branding Stephen the vilest‚ person she’s ever met, Vicky says she can’t wait to put her heartbreak behind her and take some much-needed family time.


Speaking to Closer at the launch of her recent A Christmas Kiss novel, she said: Christmas for me is all about spending quality time with family and friends – it always feels really special. About 15 of us go down to the local pub wearing a load of mistletoe – it’s full of fit tail in there! I’ll drink a load of Baileys and then feel sick while I’m staggering home drunk. I usually fall through the front door and catch sight of my mum putting the presents under the tree.‚ But Vicky, who pleaded guilty to assault after an incident in a Newcastle nightclub in 2013, insists she’s a changed person since her 19-day stint in the jungle – and is determined to focus on distancing herself from her wild reputation on Geordie Shore.

She said in an interview recently: I still intend to have a tear-up every once in a while, but my schedule is getting busier and the things I’m doing are getting more and more important.‚ She added: Right now, I’m riding high. I want to make money for my family.‚


Following her recent split with Stephen -they both claim the other cheated during their four-month romance – Vicky tells us she’s still hoping Mr Right will come along.

She adds: My ideal date would be dressing up and going to a fancy restaurant in a fast car. Knowing me, the guy would take me to Five Guys in a Fiat Panda and act like a toer! I didn’t like the way Stephen acted, I want to go out with someone who’ll treat me properly.‚ The 28 year old admitted to Closer last summer she’s had confidence issues, saying: I was lacking a lot of self-confidence and I wasn’t sure what I was doing with my career. I was making a lot of mistakes there and in my love life. I didn’t have the courage to stand up and say no to a lot of things.‚

But the star insisted she’s in abetter place these days – and only wants a relationship with someone who’ll appreciate her feisty side, adding: It won’t matter how strong, independent or feisty I seem, because the right person will like those things.‚

Vicky has struggled with her weight in the past. While filming Geordie Shore, she

Vicky was a size 16 in 2013

went up to a size 16, surviving on a diet of takeaways, fry-ups and chocolate.


But in 2013, the star dropped 3st, taking her to a size 6. However, Vicky admits staying in shape is hard. She says: I’ve had so many holidays and big nights out. It’s one thing after another and soon you’re skipping the gym and eating cp. But now it’s getting colder, I’m not going out as much and I’m hitting the gym hard. It’s a constant battle to stay trim.‚

Since leaving Geordie Shore, Vicky has launched her own healthy-eating website, and admits her inspiration is Kim Kardashian. Referring to the reality star’s notorious 2006 sex tape, she says: I don’t care how Kim K became famous. She’s made a mint out of her empire, she looks amazing and has even bagged an influential husband.

I’d take Kim out and get her on the Jagerbombs and strawpedos. We’d probably end up eating cheesy chips on the way home! ‚ By Emily Cope

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