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Hey guys today I want to share with you a really a beautiful hairstyle, and it’s this easy glamorous and voluminous ponytail it’s the holidays we actually got our first real snowfall of the year yesterday, and it’s cold you guys. It’s so cold outside but.

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I just love this hairstyle. I thought it’d be. So perfect for any holiday parties that you might have coming up and, I also think that. I would be great as a New Year’s Eve hairstyle now since this is a holiday hair tutorial. I thought it would only be fitting to do a holiday giveaway.. So I have this $150 prize pack from one of my favorite brands Kerastase.

So make sure you stay tuned till the end to see how this could be yours now. I think that big voluminous curls play a big role in this ponytail to give it that glamorous appearance.. So I am going to be showing you how I achieve those curls but. I am going to do the tutorial first and then I’ll show you how I curled my hair afterwards.

So let’s go ahead and get started. So whenever. I go to create a voluminous ponytail I’ve noticed that when. I put the hair elastic in my hair that it actually takes away a lot of the volume. So what. I would suggest doing is using a hair Bungie for this tutorial and if you don’t have a hair Bungie. It’s so easy to make one just take a small hair elastic like this and you want to attach a bobby pin onto one side and then attach a bobby pin onto the second side and this is what, I’m going to use to help create the ponytail now if you can’t create one of these you can still just use a hair elastic that’s fine first step gently brush and smooth all of your hair back and behind your shoulders now part your hair is normal and you should want to place your finger about two to three inches back from your hairline and begin tracing with your finger down this side of your head remembering to leave that gap between your hairline and your finger and just trace until you reach the middle of the back of your head then repeat the same steps on the left side placing your finger about two to three inches back and just tracing until you’ve reached the middle of the back of your head.

So what we’ve done is sectioned off that crown area of hair from the rest and don’t worry about it being too perfect but once you’ve sectioned it off you just want to clip it up and out of the way for now you guys. I finally found my comb. So just take your favorite comb and you just want to smooth all of the remaining hair that’s not clipped away and then you’re going to create a very tight ponytail and, I place mine at about ear height next unclip that hair that we sectioned away and you just want to roughly divide it horizontally along the crown and begin teasing it yes you heard me right, I’m going to tease it but just lightly. So take your comb and only tease the hair downwards. So continue working in horizontal sections until all of there at your crown is teased. I also added a little bit of dry shampoo to give me even more volume. So now just toss all of your hair back and gently smooth over the top of it with a comb and then gather all of that hair and hold it over our previous ponytail and just use your index finger and thumb to pull on small sections around the crown this is going to create even more lift and volume and give the hairstyle some more in detail now take your hair Bungie and insert a bobby pin vertically at the very top of your ponytail and just hold it in place and then begin tightly wrapping the hair elastic around your ponytail mine wrapped around about one and a half times and you should feel a lot of resistance.

So once it’s nice and tight just slide this second bobby pin into your ponytail now creating two ponytails allows us to create a lot of volume on top while having nice and sleek side sections now to cover up that hair elastic you could use a really pretty ribbon and make a bow but, I’m going to grab about a one-inch size section of hair you just want to make sure that it’s nice and smooth and begin wrapping it around your ponytail. So once you’ve reached your ends just take one more bobby pin and slide it through your ends and into your ponytail. So that they are hidden and to finish it off and help add even more volume into our ponytail. I like to pick up at the very top of it spray it with a little bit more of hairspray and, I just finish it off with some dry shampoo. If you’re looking to achieve those big voluminous bombshell curls and you’re going to want to have a nice big curling iron. So today, I’m going to be using this beautiful curling iron from t3 and, I have the one and a half inch clip barrel attachment on look how big this is you guys. If you’re anything like me and you’ve always wanted to try it t3 Hot Tools the really cool thing is you can now purchase the base and the barrels is separately.

I think that is genius and if you are looking to purchase one of the barrels. I would suggest getting a clip barrel that way you can use it as a wand just by leaving the clip open like this and down the road if you want like a more perfect curl then you also have a curling iron. So it’s like you get two in one okay. So this is really easy grab a small section of hair. So it’s probably about an inch wide, I’m going to take my big curling iron flip it onto my section and, I just slide it down to the end. So that it’s the ends is right near where that clip is and then you just roll it up your hair, I’m just gonna leave it there for. I don’t know seven seconds and then, I’m just going to open the clip a little bit and slide it out of my hair that’s like a super cheating way to curl your hair but it’s really easy.

So next what you want to do is take your curl scoop it up while it’s still hot, I’m going to roll it towards my head like this and, I’m just going to oh no now you want to take one of these clips with no teeth on it just a flat clip. I picked this up at Walmart and you just want to clip your curl to your head that way it will set like this and it will last even longer. So here I’ll show you guys again. So just clip it onto your hair slide it down near the ends and then just roll it up your hair open the clip slightly and slide it out of you and then just scoop up your curl and then clip it to your head. So it can set and then like. I mentioned earlier another really easy way to do this is use it like a hair wand. So point it down open the clip and just wrap it away from your head and then hold it for about it’s like five to seven seconds and then just pick up your curl and clip it to your head.

So you’re just going to want to repeat the same steps on the rest of your head now usually. I would do this before. I do my makeup that way it can set one getting glam but once you’ve curled your entire head you do want to let it sit for about five to ten minutes before you take it out. So once your curls are set before you take them out you just want to spray them with some strong hold hairspray, I’m going to be using this one from Kerastase it’s one of my favorites and just do a light coat all over your hair and, I just want to go ahead and remove all of your clips and unveil your big gorgeous curls. So there we have you guys how beautiful are these curls now. I know clipping them it does take a little bit longer but I’ve definitely noticed that my curls will last throughout the night. If I do do that extra step and if you’re looking for a more in-depth tutorial on how to achieve like these big voluminous waves.

I did do one last year.. So I will link that down below for you guys. So there you have you guys that’s how to recreate this glamorous ponytail that is so perfect for the holidays now the real reason you guys are still here is the giveaway now Kerstase has hooked you guys up with everything you need for your hair. I still remember the first time that. I used a Kerastase products just felt. So luxurious and, I’m really excited that.

I get to share that experience with one of you guys. So first up we have some shampoo and some conditioner and this is for normal to slightly dry hair which is perfect for this time of year next up we have a hair mask and this one is for dry hair. I wish. I could keep this for myself but. I use carrots less hair masks about once a week I’ll put them in before. I go to the gym or sometimes I’ll even use them in the shower before. I used and then after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair with your new Kerastase Shampoo and conditioner they’ve also supplied a blow-dry care.

So what you do is you apply a little bit of this into your hair before you blow-dry it and it acts as a heat protectant plus the stuff smells. So clean and fresh. I absolutely love it and then once you’re ready to blow dry your hair, I’m super jealous. I really want one of these Kerastase has also gifted you guys this really big beautiful around brush with a K on it for Kerastase we’re gonna feel. So fancy using this to blow-dry your hair. So jealous you guys. I am.

So excited for this giveaway. I hope you are too it is going to be open internationally and, I’m actually shipping these items myself now to enter it’s super simple. So you need to be commentd to do my blog and then go follow me on Instagram and you have to follow Kerastase as well. I will put the proper links down below for you guys and then once you’ve gone ahead and commentd and followed just leave a comment letting me know that you did it and then one week from today. I will put the winners name in the description down below. So make sure you check back but thank you guys. So much for reading good luck.

I have another giveaway coming up really shortly and, I really hope you enjoyed today’s post if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and I’ll talk to you guys in my next post bye..

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