Wanna Gain CONFIDENCE Quit Measuring These 4 Things Measure This Instead

Wanna Gain CONFIDENCE Quit Measuring These 4 Things Measure This Instead… Gentlemen, why does size matter? Why do we measure things? Yeah, seriously why do we go out there and we look at something and we’re constantly trying to measure it up? In today’s post, I’m going to talk about things that you should be measuring, things that you shouldn’t be measuring, and I’m going to go into a little bit of the detail of why. So, I think as human beings we like to measure and maybe it’s a defense mechanism when we were kids because think about it, if other kids were getting fed more than you if they’re getting more attention, there’s a chance that you wouldn’t survive.

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So, for survival instinct, yeah, give me attention and if I see someone with an ice cream cone I want one too. But, as adults this comparison this measurement of looking at everything can really lead us down a dark path. In fact, the country, Moldova, it’s been voted one of the most unhappy countries in the world. Why? Simply because they look around themselves and they say, oh, compared to all these other European countries, we don’t have much. Despite having a, you know, average person makes more money than definitely more than most of the countries down in Africa, they don’t see that, what they see is themselves in comparison to others. So, in today’s post, I want to talk about things that honestly you shouldn’t care about and you shouldn’t be measuring and some things you should. Ready? Let’s get into it. So, first stop, stop measuring your income. Guys, I know it’s something it’s a pride thing and it’s important to us, but instead look at where is your money going. Now, I’m all for you going out there and finding work that’s going to pay you more, finding a job or creating a business that’s going to reward you appropriately. But, even if you’re making let’s say $36,000 or $24,000 a year, make sure that you’re tracking where all of that money is going that way is you start to make more, you’re not amplifying mistakes that you can be making at a small level. Instead, you start accounting for where everything is going and therefore, you can start saving towards other goals.

Maybe you want to spend more on your education and improve yourself, maybe you want to start putting away money for your kids, putting away money for retirement. Whatever it may be make sure that you’re tracking that money because once you get past the certain amount, happiness levels do not increase. They’ve shown in the United States that about 70,000 is that point and, yeah, once you go from 70,000 to 90,000 honestly there’s not much of an increase in happiness. And so, you want to make sure that you’re tracking where everything is going, not that you find that you’re making a 100,000 and you don’t even know where that money is going. The next item that you shouldn’t be measuring your weight. Now, weight is important, but not in of by itself. Let’s talk about other things that should be measured with weight. You want to measure your body. And a quick example, my wife she shared her victory with me. She lost 3 lbs over the last six weeks which may not sound like a whole lot, but that’s because you’re only looking at the weight. What she shared with me were here measurements. So they measured her neck, they measured her arms, you know, chest, waist, hips, all those other areas and they were able to show her that all the work that she’s done eating better, exercising almost every single day, she was able to drop 6 lbs of fat and gain 3 lbs of muscle.

And, they showed her how her body had changed. I noticed this. So, make sure to take a picture. If you’re looking to get into shape, don’t just look at that scale, you want to look at the big picture. And, while we’re on the subject of health and measurements, gentlemen, I want you to check out my sleep chart. Let me pull this up here. This is so cool. Check out this stuff right here. This is one random night I’m going to show you guys, but I want you to look at the various stages I go through. So, if you’re not familiar, light sleep, that’s stage one and two sleep and it’s when you can be easily awoken. But, light sleep, you know, it’s really important it’s not – it’s half of the time when you’re sleeping usually and this is when you’re breathing your heart rate typically decrease and memories, emotions, metabolisms, it starts to regulate yourself. Now, look at deep sleep.

This is stage three and four sleep and this is when you become less responsive, you’re not going to wake up usually at this point and your brain is turned off, your muscles are relaxing. Notice how my deep sleep is at the beginning of the night. Now, I wake up at 20 because I usually got a kid – one of my kids on the potty. But notice that in the second part of the night, I started to get all these REM sleep and that’s rapid eye movement. And this is when my brain all of a sudden starting to consume more oxygen and I am just getting more of my dreams. I became a sleep geek over the last month because of the paid sponsor of this post, guys, Sleep Tracker – Beautyrest Sleep Tracker. This thing right here has made me – I have never thought I would be this excited about sleep and I’ll tell you why because it helps me understand by measuring and seeing my sleep why I’m having good sleep. I love this device. And what I love is it was so easy to install. I was able just to put it right into my bed. It works with pretty much any bed and also connects over to your Amazon Echo, so if you got one of those. But, it goes through and it gives you a snapshot every night right to the app on your phone or to your e-mail or both and it tells you how much sleep you got, how did you sleep, and over time it allows you to be able to track all these information.

What I love guys, this is totally non-evasive. I don’t even think about it, I just get this e-mail every single day in which, oh, I can go in there and check it. And, then I can go into the app and I can look at things over a broader period and be able to pick up the signals be able to look at patterns and say, oh, I had bad night sleep, so that explains why I’m feeling this way. Gentlemen, I think that tracking your sleep is a very healthy habit. I’m going to link to the company, again, down in the description. Go check them out, I highly recommend it. So, the next item I don’t think you should be measuring or tracking and honestly you shouldn’t be bragging about are the crazy hours that you’re working at work. You know those guys, oh, yeah, I work seventy hours a week, I work eighty hours a week, I work a hundred hours a week. Come on, you could only effectively work about thirty five to forty hours a week. There’s only so much time that you can stay focused. Your attention is like a glass of water and once you drink through it, you have to reset it you have to have rest, you need to have time away from work. So, if you shouldn’t be measuring crazy hours what should you be measuring? How about measuring progress that is made on important projects.

And so, you need to go through and you need to prioritize, you need to identify what is truly something you should be working on versus something maybe that’s cringing for your attention, but is it not important. So, I’m going to bring up the priority matrix gentlemen. Go check it out. I’ll link to it in the support article that goes with this post. On that priority matrix you’re going to notice two of the squares were actually very, very important. One of them is actually the one that says non- important and urgent because that is one of the most dangerous squares. That social media, those e-mails that keep screaming in your inbox, that’s having notifications on your phone that interrupt you for no good reason simply to tell you that someone talked about you and it breaks up the flow of your wok day. No, you need to eliminate those unimportant things that try screaming at you, cut – cut that off and focus in on the non-urgent, but incredibly important things. And I say that because, yes, important and urgent you need to do. But, it’s the non-urgent important that you need to pay attention to because those things oftentimes become the urgent things because you don’t give them the time, instead focus in on yourself development, focus in on the projects on your business. I know for me, it’s getting post done, it’s actually spending time on self-development because no one’s telling me, Carl, go spend more time on self-development, go out there and get a couple more weeks ahead on post because you start to fall into that you’re resting on your on laurels. Don’t do that.

Continue to focus in on what’s important and even if it’s non-urgent still give it a time that it deserves. Stop measuring your social media status. I’m talking about how many friends you’ve got on Facebook, how many connections you’ve got on LinkedIn, how many times when you put an image up on Instagram it’s getting shared, passed around, commented on. I fall into this too, you put up a picture of your family like, oh, I hope everyone likes it and sees it and you start, you know, playing in on this. Don’t fall into that trap. At the end of the day what you want to focus in on are real relationships. And the way that I kind of set this is who’s going to show up on your funeral, who at 20 in the morning could you call and they would drive five hours to support you in your time of need. And this is something that for a lot of us unfortunately, I think the number has gone down because you need to put in the work to make these relationships work. Every single day I try to when I’m coming to and from the office I try to call one person that I haven’t spoken with for awhile and just to them about how they’re doing and ask them interest in their life show – I mean these are really people I care about. Get on the phone with that person. If you can, go out there and visit. Build a trip around them.

I know we did and it was one of the best experiences spending time with people who, yes, many of them were business acquaintances who now became very close friends. And that’s I think the best of both worlds when you can mix what you do with your professional life with your personal life and you see that you build these meaningful relationships. I’d like to think the measure of the success of a person is the impact they’re able to have on the world with what they were given. So, hopefully you enjoy this post and you start measuring the right things. And go check out the Sleep Tracker by Beautyrest. I’m going to link to it down in the description. I had so much fun tracking my sleep. Guys, take care. If you would like to see how these posts could improve, you’ve got something you’d like to talk to me about, let me know in the comments. I love to hear from you. And we do get down there and we respond to as many people as we can usually within the first twenty four hours of the post going out. Gentlemen, take care.

I appreciate you being part of my audience. See you in the next post. Bye.

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