Want Success Stop Doing This How To WIN At Life 6 Tips To Overcome Excuses Obstacles

I don’t have the time. I don’t have the money. It’s not fair. I’m too young. I’m too old.

I just don’t have the experience. What happens if I fail? People are going to laugh at me. You know I’m going to do it when the time is right. Gentlemen, all those are examples of what this post is about today, excuses. And, I have to admit, I hate excuses. In today’s post, I’m going to talk with you about how to overcome your excuses so that you can become the man you know yourself to be. Tip number one, lose the ego. If you ever read Ryan Holiday’s book, Ego is the Enemy. You need to go grab this book. Great read and one of the things I love that Ryan talks about is all of us have egos. And guess what? As you get more successful as you feel bigger in your industry, as you accomplish more, your ego gets bigger and you never lose it. That’s the hard thing is that everyday you’ve got to set that ego in place.

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And ego is not confidence. Confidence is something that’s earned, something that is your right because you’ve put in the work you’ve put in the effort, you have earned confidence. Ego goes beyond confidence, that’s when we’re trying to fake it il we make it when we’re we’re acting like and we start to believe that we have abilities that we don’t and that we’re infallible. One of the things what is it? When you’re 18 and you know everything and as you get older you realize that you know less and less and that is the mark of a wise man. So, make sure take a step back realize every single day to put your ego in its place. So now, that you swallowed your pride, let’s talk about tip number two which is to change your language. So, so oftentimes we use words which actually are giving away our this excuse mentality; I can’t do that, it’s not fair. If you find yourself saying that, take a step back, maybe ask, do I say this word a lot because I can tell you having kids I talk with them all the time about this. This is something I’m very in tune with because I try not to use those words. When I hear my daughter, 5 years old say it’s not fair, I take her and I say, you know, hon, I and I love her, but I’m like life is not fair. My daughter who is 8, she understands that Centenos do not say the word can’t because you start to realize instead of saying the word can’t, you start to realize what can I do. I love that because I’ve watched that I think it was Robert Rodriguez or Quintin Tarantino, are you a Mexican or Mexicant.

And my father coming from Mexico, I love that one, I was like, yeah, I’m a Mexican. Tip three. What’s the worst that can happen, one of those excuses is people are going to laugh at you. So what? Do you get past that, do you say, okay, what is the worst that will happen. You know sometimes the worst that will happen is death. If you accept that and I know when I was in the Marine Corps, anyone that served in the military anyone that served in law enforcement, anyone that’s been a firefighter, anyone that has put themselves in harm’s way realizes, yes, I may be doing something i paid for it in advance, whether or not I show up, the guy that owns the studio is getting paid, that makes me show up whenever I’ve got my appointed time. How can you use this? Think about that. You want to go to the gym, you want to get in better shape. Well, get a personal trainer. Invest in someone that can help you get up to speed. Yes, it’s going to be painful, maybe you’d never paid for something like this, but think about that, if he’s there waiting for you at 60 o’clock in the morning, you’re being held accountable, you’ve got somebody you’ve already paid for who’s not going to give you your money back because you will waste his time if you don’t show up. So, it’s a very powerful thing and you set that system up, you can apply this to anything in your life.

Gentlemen, at the beginning of this post, I said that I hate excuses. Let me clarify, what I hate is when able-bodied men let excuses hold them down. They use this they have these invisible chains and they don’t even realize that any point they can break free. If you want more, you know, I want you to go checkout the guest post I got it right here. Travis White, he has written this great guest post and I want you to go check out what he’s doing over at Unkempt Gentlemen. He’s got a great blog, great Instagram, he works with me over at this style blog. He’s going to be at StyleCon, so if you want to meet him in person. But, gentlemen, remember, break free from excuses. There are these invisible chains that are holding you down. It could be your language, it could be your mentality, it could be, you know, the systems that you’ve set up in your life that you just simply need to reset, relook at. There’s a story about an elephant and this elephant when it’s a baby elephant, it has a chain and it tries to break away. It can never break the chains and ends up, you know, cutting itself hurting itself and then, it just gives up.

And then, when it’s an adult, they use a simple rope or string that the elephant could break at any moment, but it doesn’t because it’s conditioned and trained itself to not to think that I just can’t do this. So, what excuse what invisible chains are holding you down? Gentlemen, take care. I’ll see you in the next post. Bye-bye.

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