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Hello my lovelies and, Welcome back to my blog this is going to be more of like a laid-back post style post where we do kind of like a waterproof makeup challenge I’ve seen all these really funny posts online where they take waterproof makeup and apply to their face and then they go either swimming to the pool or in their shower and they drench themselves and see how well the makeup lasts underwater I’m going to do something a little bit different instead of doing all waterproof makeup I’m going to do non waterproof makeup. But add something special to the makeup and see how well this makes it waterproof. So the product that we are testing and talking about today is this Makeup Forever aqua seal waterproof liquid Converter, I bought this as a four, and it’s exclusively sold there as well and it retails for 21 dollars. So just like the name says this is a liquid waterproof converter that converts eyeshadows glitter eyeliner to waterproof.

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So we’re going to take it even a step further and apply this to every single part of my makeup from like the primer to the foundation to the blood to the highlighter bronzer everything. So I’m going to do that whole left and right side. So the right side is going to be all the face makeup products that are not waterproof and then this side smooth same face products. But I’m going to put a little bit of the aqua seal into each product and see how well it applies blends overall the whole look of it and just see how well it lasts this will probably be a huge disaster on my face or it will be the best thing ever and it will make any makeup waterproof. So let’s go ahead and see how well this works another cool thing that I’m going to do I’m going to bring back the glass test and obviously on each side I’m gonna do exactly the same thing like on my face and I’m going to take it with me and my face to the ocean and we’re going to do a couple of laps in the water under the water and see how well this little bad-boy performs just a quick remark on application with the aqua seal, I still if, I put my fingers, I still feel a little bit of tackiness kind of sticky compared to my right side where it’s really set. So the hard part was the bronzer and the blush. Because it’s a powder formula and it kind of turned the bronzer and blush tomorrow like a gel cream formula.

So that was a little bit harder to work with and, I don’t think it blended as well as my right side where it’s just the powder. But honestly in the mirror, I can’t really see a difference from right to left, I don’t know. If you guys can. But let’s go see how well it performs in the water on my left side with the Aqua Seal and of course like ice men shinned in the beginning, I did apply every single product that, I use on my face to the glass test as well the right side is non waterproof with this side is waterproof with the Aqua Seal I’m going to take this with me to the beach like a weirdo and we’re going to see how many splashes it takes to get rid of all this makeup paper bring you my glass with me no weird at all the artwork we just made it to the beach I’m excited and kind of nervous to see how big of a disaster my face is going to be. But first we’re going to do my awesome glass work artwork here and see how many dunks it takes to take off some of this makeup right side is non waterproof and the left side is waterproof has a question mark let’s toast it out let the dunking begin oh let’s do some makeup coming already hey ten all right the funny thing is my primer and my CC cream on the waterproof side is pretty much gone and an unknown non waterproof side it’s still doing pretty good it’s still there that’s. So funny are you guys I’ll go put this face to the touch oh good a nervous look good do this we’re going in a second time excited what’s. So sad like a bunch of dunks all right.

So you guys saw those dunks that, I just did now looks. So good right now especially my raccoon eyes obviously some of the elements are really disastrous like my eyes the eyeliner is actually pretty good still on there the eye shadow is not good the mascara is gone on both sides the eyebrows to look actually pretty good. But one thing I’m actually really shocked is the base like the foundation and the bronzer the blush the highlight it’s still there on both sides, I was not expecting that at all and the glass Tessa seemed like the aqua seal performed better. But in real life one actually dunked my face in the water several times, I really don’t see a difference and, I don’t think it did anything at all honestly, I had so much fun posting this post for you guys my curiosity to see. If this aqua seal would actually work have you guys tried this product if. So how do you use it and has it worked for you do you like it or not, I really want to know your opinion let me know in the comment section down below, I feel like if, I would keep this product or keep using it, I would probably just revive my old eyeshadows like a cream eyeshadow or gel eyeliner or just make like a powder eye shadow into an eyeliner. So, I think that would be kind of cool.

But for anything else, I think it would be a waste of money to use it for like primer or a foundation or blush or whatever, I feel like, I just go out just buy the waterproof stuff, I hope you guys had fun with me on this journey of my curiosity. But for now thank you so much for reading this post I’ll see you guys very soon in a coming post, I love you all very much bye I’m gonna take my makeup off now at the beach oh yeah it feels. So good you guys.

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