Wearing A Sweater In Hot Weather How To Pull Off The Sweater Look In Warm Temperatures

Wearing A Sweater In Hot Weather How To Pull Off The Sweater Look In Warm Temperatures Hi! I’m Carl Centeno. I’m the founder of this style blog. Today, gentlemen, I’m going to be answering a question that came in on the my blog comments and it’s basically, Carl, I like your latest post on jeans and how to wear them with sweaters. However, I live in North Queensland, Australia, hot, humid environment. How can I pull off this look where I’m living? This is a great question. I want to let you guys know, when you ask a question down in the comments, I respond. I really appreciate you guys being commentrs, appreciate you liking my posts. It means a lot. This post is for you guys. Lachlan, he’s emailing me and he says, Carl, I live in North Queensland, Australia. It’s tropical, it’s hot. I really like the sweater look.

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How can I pull this off? I spent some time in Darwin, Australia and I completely understand that you guys are in a tropical environment. There’s a reason why the crocs all stay up there because it doesnt get too cold even in July. We’re talking 17 degrees. It’s about as cold as it’s going to get on some chilly evening, which is 60 degrees for those of you that are here in North America. If it only gets down to 60, it doesnt really sound to me and that’s the coldest it gets that you’re going to be able to pull off the sweater and the jean look, but let’s say you really do want to pull this off. These are the things I’m going to say you need to look for. Number one is make sure whenever you’re buying any sweaters and jeans for that matter that you’re buying hot weather items. How do you buy a hot weather sweater? Well, you look at the material that it’s made from, so you dont buy something that’s made from something that’s going to insulate heat really well. Stay away from wools. Stay away from cashmeres, or if you do, go with something that’s very lightweight or is a blend perhaps with linen or with cotton. Linen or cotton is going to be great. They’re going to do a better job of dissipating the heat.

Look at the weave, so you want to have something that you can actually maybe see a bit through, and so you could still go for sort of the look, but it’s going to be much more lightweight. A heavyweight Aran sweater, probably not going to be for you especially if it’s made from 100% wool. It’s going to be very hard to pull off, although I will get into point three, how you can pull this in your wardrobe. So point number one again is make sure it’s made from the right material, the same with your jeans. There are hot weather jeans. I’ve covered a company called Buckley Denim out of Atlanta, Georgia, and these guys have made very lightweight jeans that are breathable and could be worn in hot weather, so that’s in my opinion the number one thing you can do. Number two is wear it at the right time of the year. I know this sounds obvious, but have your clothing ready to go and in a sense, you will have a three-month period. It would be June, July, August in which you’re going to have days, you’re going to have perhaps weeks that you can pull this look off of, so keep them ready in your wardrobe, have it there, and you can then pull it off. Point number three is many of us travel. It’s become a very small world. We’re jumping on an airplane and we’re going down to maybe Sidney, Australia.

You’re going over to Vancouver, Canada. If that is the case, then it’s fine to then have a few warmer pieces in your wardrobe. I get emails from guys all the time that are traveling from a tropical environment to a cold weather environment and they want to have a basic simple wardrobe that they can wear over there and stay warm, so make sure that you go with and I’ve talked about this in some of my other posts, but go with timeless, classical pieces, which you may spend a little bit more for, but you’re going to be able to match with other things in your wardrobe. You’re going to be able to layer correctly and you’re going to get more miles and therefore, you’re going to get your money’s worth out of these items. Those are my three tips. Hopefully that helps you. Thank you again everyone for commenting. I do read the comments and I really do appreciate you guys being part of our community here at this style blog. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post. Bye-bye.

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