Wedding Dress 2016

Getting the look

My wedding dress was from a little boutique called Ivory Pinks. I probably tried on 50 dresses before I picked ‘the one’! I ended up choosing one that I had tried on near the start – every other dress I tried I found myself comparing it to that one. The only issue was that it was absolutely huge – not what I expected to choose for a wedding abroad. I went to

my travel company and made sure I could actually get the dress abroad, and thankfully there was no problem. Looking back, I am so glad I chose that dress and was not put off by the size. My wedding jewellery turned out to be a last minute choice, as on the morning of the wedding my bridesmaid brought me a gift from Andy – tiny diamond earrings and the most stunning diamond necklace, which he had made especially for me by his friend in Harkness Premier Jewellers.

Finishing touches

My brother’s fiancee (Nicole Dutreuilh) is a professional make-up artist and

hairdresser and has worked with many celebrities – including Peter Kay and Rebecca Ferguson. I don’t think I could have been luckier than to have her in our wedding party to do my hair and makeup. We had hired a separate hair and makeup artist to come in and do the bridesmaids and few of the guests so that Nicole had the full day to pamper me.

Something Old, Something New

Something Old were my flip flops. My dress was very long so you couldn’t see my feet. I decided I wanted to be comfortable that day so I chose to wear an old pair of flip flops, which was a great decision as we were on the beach for photos. Something New was my dress.

My Something Borrowed was a little charm that I borrowed from my little boy Campbell. There is a bit of a story behind that. When he was 12-weeks-old we went on holiday to Turkey. One evening an old Turkish man came over and clipped a little ‘blue eye’ charm onto his pram. He told us that this would protect him against “The Evil Eye”. I clipped this into the underskirts of my dress and wore it for my wedding. My Something Blue was the little bow stitched onto my garter.

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