Something Old, Something New?

Something New: dress; Old: earrings; Borrowed: necklace; Blue – I had a blue ribbon stitched in my dress from my friend who altered the dress for me. I paid for my hair and makeup to be done, however, I am not sure that was the right decision as, apart from the fake eye lashes, I could have done it just as well as he did. Yes he!

Well groomed

Danny wore a white shirt from T.M Lewin and Fat Face blue trousers rolled up.

The details

I took a silk bouquet, and fresh flowers from the garden for the wedding – flowers and petals were everywhere! For our cake we had alittle cake made by the cook at our hotel, Dongwe Ocean View.

The ceremony

Our 20-minute wedding ceremony took place on the beach, under a homemade arch. We were married by Father Charles. We walked down the aisle together – Danny had met me at my room once I was ready. The hotel staff helped to get me ready, which was lovely. To give a feel of our location, we followed the island’s tradition and had Zanzibar dancers – it’s a dance when they jump up and down, up and down! It was quite fun.

The reception

Following our wedding we had a candle lit dinner for two on the beach after dark, when we were served lobster. It was fantastic! The hotel surprised us by decorating the table beautifully with flowers and candles.

First Dance

We didn’t have a First Dance -1 guess that’s my only regret!

Photographic memories

Two local photographers from Zanzibar took our photographs, as well as all the staff and the

locals that turned up to watch our wedding. My favourite photograph is one where we are walking along the beach. That beach was so beautiful!

Magic moments

The amount of people that came to our wedding was a massive surprise! Apparently, once the locals know about a wedding everyone turns up. It was great fun. After we got married – like five minutes later, one of the locals asked me to go to his shop and have a look, see if I would like to buy anything! I had JUST got married and no way wanted to go to his shop! He wasn’t kidding either, so I laughed a lot!

The honeymoon

After the wedding, and time spent enjoying the beach location, we flew to the Selous Game Reserve for a safari honeymoon, which was amazing!

On budget?

Everything, including the wedding, honeymoon, dress, rings etc. cost under £10,000. We didn’t have a budget in mind, as this was a holiday with an add-on wedding.

Further information


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