Wedding Planning Guide

84 Weather permitting

Don’t let your wedding day be a washout – check our worldwide weather guide for the sunniest beaches, snowiest peaks and perfect temperatures

88 Pop the question

Expert wedding planners answer your most frequently asked questions

92 Ask the planners

Lisa Burton of the Bridal Consultant professional wedding planning service shares her wisdom and experience with brides-to-be

Wfeather permitting

Do you want to sizzle at the hottest wedding of the year or are you a cool bride looking for a seriously chilled location?

Check out our weather guide to help you choose the perfect destination throughout the year

At a glance

Best for May-October

⢠Tahiti, Fiji and other Pacific Islands

⢠Mauritius and Seychelles

⢠North America



⢠Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar


⢠Queensland and Barrier Reef

Best for





⢠Australia and New Zealand


⢠South Africa


⢠European ski destinations

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